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Bath salts make a great gift, even for your frenemies

There's no doubt about it: bath salts are a wonderful gift for those you love. But what about your frenemies? You know, the snobby neighbours you compliment on their landscaping while inwardly planning to let your dog onto their lawn; the manager who gives you underhanded compliments on your work like "Oh my, we certainly didn't expect you to adjust so quickly to this role!" and the competitive mom who always has to top your worst parenting stories with even more horrific ones of her own: in short, your frenemies.

Backstabbing girls

5 reasons to give SaltZ to your frenemies on the next appropriate occasion

1. The intoxicating natural fragrances say you care, but the prices say "Bitch, it's not like I went to L'Occitane for you or anything"

2. The polished packaging and classy presentation demonstrate that you have excellent taste...which will make them extremely jealous

3. You can picture them naked in the tub, which will take all the sting out of their next humiliating jab

4. When they ask how we got the colourful salt ribbon in the SaltZ, you can act all mysterious or tell them something ridiculous like, oh I don't know, you don't see a ribbon. Whatever it takes.

5. You can give unmarked SingleZ and refuse to let them know where you purchased them, even when they beg.

Now, we know you're really not that mean, are you?? SaltZ were designed to make people happy...even your frenemies. So the next office farewell party, baby shower or Secret Santa, give SaltZ to everyone on your list. Even if you don't like them, they will sure like you after they try SaltZ!

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