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You there! Back away from the tub

I can't believe I'm saying this, but there are some people who should never take a bath. Are you one of them?

Baths, especially baths with fragrant essential oils and healing salts, are a wonderful thing. But if you can relate to any of the following statements, please step away from the bathtub.

5 situations where bath time can be very dangerous

  1. You like to overindulge in alcohol and/or recreational drugs. Some say a glass of wine perfectly completes the home spa experience, but if you are intoxicated, please don't get in the tub. Relaxing baths like SaltZ can further relax you to the point that you doze off and drown.

  2. You feel dizzy or faint and get headaches in the sauna. Some people are very sensitive to heat and can experience adverse effects from getting into hot water that obviously defeat the entire purpose of relaxing in the tub. This may indicate a health issue, so it's best to either abstain from baths or use warm, not hot, water.

  3. You have very low blood pressure. Epsom salts are relaxing enough to lower blood pressure further, so exercise caution by using sea salts instead - or just don't stay in an Epsom salt bath for long, if at all.

  4. You have very high blood pressure. Hot water raises blood pressure and can cause your heart to pound fast; the same goes for getting into cold water. Keep temperatures neutral or avoid submerging in baths.

  5. You have diabetes. Hot baths increase blood flow, which can cause blood glucose levels to drop more rapidly than they otherwise would. Consult your doctor or once again, keep those temps down!

Fortunately, most people can and should enjoy a good soak!

The great news is that baths, even hot baths, are safe for the majority of people - and if you're willing to drop the temperature, baths are safe for just about everyone unless you are intoxicated. Exercise good judgment, try the best bath salts in Toronto, and enjoy your tub!

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