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Omg, there's weed in my bath bomb

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

To the man who came up to my booth at the Canada Day festivities and bought a couple of cotton bags of bath salts so he could 'enjoy a nice bath with jazz and a glass of wine or four': First, I love you. Second, there may just be a better way to enjoy deeeeeeep relaxation in the tub. We're talking, of course, about cannabis bath bombs. That's right, those would be the bath bombs with the wacky tobaccy inside.

If you love baths as I do, you are no stranger to bath bombs - those fizzy cubes of delight, full of skin-loving oils and clays, salts, essential oils and petals (well, SaltZ&Co bath bombs are, anyway). What could be better? Apparently, according to NOW Magazine, steeping your body in weed. Here's what to know about marijuana infused bath bombs like this one.

Kush Queen CBD bath bomb

A cannabis bath bomb is legal and won't get you high

Before you send out invites for a group bath party, you should know that the active ingredient in cannabis bath bombs is CBD, not THC (the phytochemical that gets you high). So, CBD bath bombs are totally legal and won't make you feel all cray. That is a good thing for someone like me who, with my luck, would trip out too much and drown or something! CBD is the cannabinoid that relieves pain and promotes deep muscle relaxation. There are no psychoactive effects whatsoever, making these bath bombs a great choice for people of all ages,* those with muscle and joint pain or who are suffering from menstrual cramps, and, of course, people who just want to really relax in the tub. Cosmo says CBD bath bombs are "The chillest evening in".

Reasons to try a cannabis infused bath bomb

Of course, the novelty alone is a reason to try these bath nuggets of joy! Now that weed is on everyone's lips (literally or figuratively) here in Canada what with the legalization decision, you may want to join the cannabis bath bomb club due to pure FOMO, but there are lots of other great reasons to try a marijuana bath bomb today:

  • Most cannabis bath bombs also contain hemp oil, which is great for your skin and also has a high magnesium content (which relaxes muscles even further)

  • Cannabis oil is full of antioxidants, which fight aging

  • Cannabis oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used and recommended as effective pain relief for people with arthritis for thousands of years

  • The oil in cannabis bath bombs contains essential fatty acids that are crucial for the health and elasticity of the skin, hair and nails, as well as strengthening immune system function

  • If you have trouble sleeping, a warm bath can help, but a warm bath with a CBD-infused bath bomb can promote sleep even further due to the deep muscle relaxation effect

  • In addition to pain relief, topical cannabis can also help treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema

Hemp seed oil and seeds

Your long day just got better

If you are looking for a great way to relax at the end of a long hard day, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that weed infused bath bombs really work. They are usually pretty pricey, but then again, can you really put a price on 30 minutes of deep relaxation? I must say that I can't wait to experiment with cannabis bath bombs - both using them, and ultimately making them, as I have received lots of requests already!

Would you ever try a cannabis bath bomb - or have you already tried one? Let me know!

Marijuana leaf

*if you are concerned as to whether CBD infused bath bombs are right for you, please consult your doctor.

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