Hands Up, Baby Vanilla Cranberry Hand Butter


Canadian Winter is very tough on the hands. Even if you're lucky enough to possess a stable of servants to perform every household chore, you still have to expose your digits to the elements occasionally - if only to signal the valet to pick up your Aston Martin. Then, of course, there's the havoc that indoor heating wreaks on the skin! If you love a rich hand butter to counteract all that dryness, try this one. Made of shea butter and herb-infused coconut oil, liberally laced with essential oils and fruit extracts, Hands Up, Baby softens and moisturizes hands while leaving a pleasantly non-greasy finish. A little goes a long way...or slather it on before bed and let the emollients do their soothing work.


    Hand modelling, air brushing, soft mitts, diamond ring ads featuring long smooth digits, hands that don't show your true age, soft cuticles, shiny healthy nails, smooth palms, babies who grip your finger, giving caresses, holding hands and chanting, smelling sweet and fruity, being natural and not using animal tallow on your hands, then put your Hands Up, Baby. 


    Coconut oil, shea butter, sustainable palm butter, jojoba oil, comfrey leaf, hibiscus pods, cranberry fruit, arrowroot powder, Vitamin E, essential oils of Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange, White Grapefruit, Peppermint and Spearmint, pomegranate extract.


    Hands Up by Ottawan


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