Some kids don't sweat the back to school while others are nervous wrecks by the beginning of August. Show your child, best friend, or even yourself some love and self-care with this "delicious" sparkly, sweet bath candy that won't cause cavities! Just put 3-4 pieces in the tub and watch them fizz while the water turns fun colours. Smells fantastic, softens skin and is made with premium vegan, non-toxic, wholesome ingredients so you can put some love in yo tub!


It's My Party (pink, blue, purple & white): Smells like sweet fruit and candy

Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows (green, blue, & yellow): Smells like vanilla, lemon and birthday cake


Customer Comments:  "I can’t wait to try out mine, Tessa loves your fizzies" - Nicole Lucier


"Made the water so soft" - Desnee Gabriel


"Rudi loved the bath candy!! Thanks again" - Brenda Ohngemach

It's My Party Sweet Bath Candy Sprinkles

  • Loot bags, sunrises, stalactites, geodes, gemstones, sugar, rock candy, lollipops, Halloween, saltwater taffy, tie-die, unicorns, cotton candy and Werther's Originals, you have to try guilt-free Sweet Bath Candy.


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