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Cold process shampoo bars with essential oils for sale

Long Beautiful Hair Shampoo Bar


Give me a head with hair...long beautiful hair! But while you're at it, I DON'T want wasteful plastic shampoo bottles, ridiculous chemical additives, potential scalp irritation, or unsightly product buildup. That means a shampoo bar! Solid shampoo bars are trending just like they were in the 1920s, because we've finally rediscovered the benefits, which include:


-Essential oils that stimulate hair growth

-Removal of product buildup in just one wash

-Gentle, safe ingredients that won't irritate scalp or strip the hair

-Shiny deep cleaned hair that is more receptive to conditioner and leave-ins

-No plastic bottle or waste to leave behind

-Great lather

-Extremely long lasting: 1 bar = 3 medium bottles of shampoo


We've captured all of the above and, rather than bottling it, put it into a cute shampoo bar you can take with you just about anywhere. It's a much less drastic solution than going 'no poo' and it works wonderfully. If you're not quite used to the bar thing, try alternating with your regular shampoos and feel the difference; you'll still be reducing waste and environmental impact of all those surfactants going down the drain into the waterway!


Customer comments: "I just washed henna out of my hair using the sample of shampoo bar you gave me! Really like how it lathers up and feels and smells. Had only ever tried a shampoo bar once years ago and wasn't that happy with it, but so far very pleasantly surprised! I am very very impressed. Sold. I will buy a bar from you next time I see you. My hair came out soft and full of body. I was really happy! Beause I have curls my hair is naturally on dry side and I am very particular about my shampoos because many leave my hair flat, frizzy, dry. Now I did use a bit of coconut oil then the henna then your shampoo bar. Well, it was a winning combination to restore my hair! Seriously. I have found a miracle hair treatment. So I feel fabulous today." - Camilla C., Toronto


"My hair is so happy after using your shampoo. I want to give it to all my friends for Christmas. Thx, Kathy" - Kathy C., Evergreen Brickworks Customer


"I truly LOVE the shampoo bar! It is very creamy and lathers nicely and leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean afterwards" - Peggy B., Brampton



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    Saponified oils: coconut, castor seed and sustainably farmed palm, water, hemp oil, essential oils of tea tree, pepperming and rosemary, hair safe natural colourant.

    Directions: Suitable for all hair types. Wet hair. Lather up. Rinse well and follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse if desired, or conditioner/leave in detangler.


    Hair by The Cowsills

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