Spa bath salts gift set

Premium Salt Sampler Trio


There's nothing like the real thing, baby...and that is certainly true when it comes to Dead Sea mineral salt! This is the large-crystal salt that is reminiscent of exotic spas and long days spent floating in cool ocean waters or soaking in toasty hot springs. Sourced directly from the Dead Sea in Jerusalem, our Dead Sea salt is left naked to deepen the relaxation these mineral salts naturally produce. In this trio, each sampler bottle contains the perfect amount of the best salts on earth, scented with essential oil blends, for 1 blissful bath.


Himalayan Pink Salt was formed over 200 million years when the world's tallest mountain range was underwater. It contains dozens of essential minerals in a very attractive package - no wonder pink salts are used for everything from culinary purposes to wound healing and salt lamps that naturally purify the air. The perfect gift for the person you know who loves expensive toiletries and pampering!


    Caviar, freshly pressed bathrobes, wearing a smoking jacket, going to Vienna, taking the waters, travelling first class, spa treatments, full body wraps, full body massages, steaming water, gift-giving, showing up and putting a smile on your hostess's face, and being made to feel insignificant by natural wonders, then Grateful Dead Sea Salt Soak is the bath salt for you.


    Tranquility: Dead Sea salt, essential oil blend (varies)


    Seaside: Dead Sea salt, seaweed powder, bergamot essential oil


    Himalayan: Himalayan pink salt, essential oil blend (varies)


    Use it up! Handmade doesn't last pamper yourself now, rather than saving your bath and body care products for a special occasion a year from now :)

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