There's a reason why wintertime is considered high travel season to exotic destinations. Many reasons, actually: The sun, the sand, the salt water, the intoxicating tropical fragrances...well, we've got the last two covered at least, with Somewhere Beyond the Sea Exotic Floral Bath Salts. Consider it your own private mini-getaway from the freezing temperatures and drying radiator heat: simply toss a palmful of these sweetly scented salts in the tub and you're transported to your favourite beach, emerging with soft, moisturized skin. The seashell is a little keepsake to remind you that the Bahamas are still out there...and the warm weather will indeed return.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea Exotic Floral Bath Salts

  • Frangipani, leis, white sand beaches, drinking out of coconuts, Tahitian Monoi, flowers that only bloom at night, softly lit walkways, pounding surf, peaceful salt lagoons and coral reefs, you must have these bath salts to get you through the cold weather.


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