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Pokemon soap with toy inside

Surprise Surprise Pokemon Soap


If your kid has less-than-desirable hygiene habits, you might want to introduce them to the fun concept of find the licensed Pokemon toy that's buried in the soap! Children and adults alike enjoy a surprise, so we think it's about time someone put a surprise inside a bath bar.


The soap is completely opaque, hiding the toy from view until it's revealed after many washes of sticky hands and dirty knees. With a creamy oatmeal soap base and fresh-scented bar, this fun soap will be sure to delight and encourage young ones to wash thoroughly every time...because after all, you have to wash till you find it!


Key soap facts:

-cleanses without stripping

-pH neutral

-no animal oils

-leaves no soapy film behind

-produces luxurious lather


-contains no SLS

*contains phthalate-free fragrance oil


    Coupons, free gifts, Publisher's Clearing House, playing the lottery, being blindfolded and led somewhere, the look on someone's face, electric tarantulas, trading cards, Pikachu, surprise parties, blind dates, the big reveal on makeover shows, plot twists and happy endings, you're bound to enjoy Surprise Surprise soap - or give it as a gift.


    Saponified oils of coconut, safflower, and certified sustanably farmed palm, vegetable glycerin, water, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, oat protein, oatmeal flakes, vanilla extract and/or Absolute, honey, phthalate-free fragrance oil, skin safe colorant, Pokemon toy inside.


    Surprise, Surprise by Billy Talent

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