Bath salts tubes

When It Snows Pine Forest Bath Salts


You know that feeling of your boots crunching in freshly fallen snow as you look up in silent wonder at the heavily laden pine tree boughs, the falling flakes creating a cocoon of quiet around you? Yeah, try experiencing that in the big city. Fortunately, now there's a bath salt that allows you to do just that. Add 4-5 scoops, one single bag, or half a tube to a hot bath and be transported to a pine forest after the first heavy snowfall of the season...while relaxing, safe and cozy, in your tub.


*Tubes are tied off with an organza bow and are ready for gifting - make someone's stocking special!


    The Snowy Day book, snowshoes, school closures, packing snow, big flakes, building forts, snowball fights, snow falling on cedars, the aroma of fresh pine needles, buying a real Christmas tree, decking the halls with boughs of greenery, shopping in Christmas-themed stores, anything with glitter, skiing, chalet time, cedar balls, silver bells or pretending a snowman is Parson Brown, this is the bath additive you must have this season.


    Epsom salts, dendritic salt, carrier oil, essential oils of fir needle, pine and spruce, phthalate-free fragrance oil, natural mica colorant.


    Kiss From A Rose by Seal