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Himalayan pink salt for baths




       from a dream to reality...       


A bath was a luxury when I was growing up, but adulthood didn't inspire a sudden desire to start marinating in the tub. I was far too busy! Quick showers became the order of the day, and I rarely turned getting clean into a fun or pampering experience.

In 2001, fresh in recovery after a nasty 7-year battle with drug addiction, I was told to meditate to reduce stress and try to commune with a higher power - but I couldn't even sit still, much less calm my racing mind. Battered and broken, I finally discovered my bathtub.

The joys of a long bath with quality products became a necessary indulgence. My Sunday morning bath ritual was non-negotiable. I figured that amid all the running around, working, studying, attending meetings and paying bills, I deserved to take this time out for myself each week.

Ten years later I got married and immediately had two children back to back...







And, while I had to cool the temperature of the bathwater a little (one of the very few things I disliked about my pregnancies)...and while it was hard with new babies...I still didn't miss my weekly soak, even if it meant their father had to change diapers! Yes, you too can spend that long in the tub, if you take the opportunity to do that deep conditioning you can never find time for, apply a mud mask, exfoliate all over, give yourself a pedi, do some personal grooming, and generally just luxuriate like you really deserve to do.

Life got very busy, though - as if it wasn't busy enough already.

When the kids started asking for salts, bath bombs, and other products that I used, I noticed two things: 1) I didn't want to 'waste' my expensive mommy products on the kids and 2) I wasn't sure if they were entirely safe for my daughter's sensitive skin. I remembered how much my Italian grandmother had rejected synthetics across the board in favour of all things natural. Of course, I was soon letting them pour salts and colour the water with fizzies to their hearts' content. After all, I believed in the healing power of good, natural products; I had always spiked their bathwater with eucalyptus and peppermint oils when they had colds, baking soda and oatmeal when my daughter had a diaper rash, and lavender essential oil for bedtime baths.

And then a kitchen timer went off (bing!!) Why not indulge my crafting passion (and use the knowledge gleaned from years of writing for cosmetic companies and auditing college classes at George Brown, then my day job), to make affordable, effective, delicious smelling natural bath products for grownups AND children, so that people everywhere could experience the joys of a simple soak? After all, we have to get clean. Shouldn't we enjoy it?

Then I started doing research into why salt baths feel so good and seemed to also help the kids calm down, sleep better, and have better skin. Some of the science behind it really surprised me.


I knew I was onto something big!

That was the original idea behind SaltZ - which is an amalgam of my last name, Salter, and my former husband's. Without the support of my customers, many of whom are strong women, mothers and entrepreneurs who juggle more than I ever could...and all the various benefactors, allies, friendly suppliers, and knowledgeable insiders who have come our way... I wouldn't be able to do this.




As women, as parents, we run around taking care of everyone all day, and at night sometimes we're too tired to wipe down the grubby tub and get into it, much less mix our own bath salts. So I've done that for you...and for your kids, too.  Just 4-5 heaping scoops of your favourite SaltZ in a hot bath, a bar of deluxe salt-infused soap for added cleansing, and additional treats like a nice exfoliating scrub, cocoa butter bath melt or Dead Sea mud mask, and you'll be relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to face whatever it is that life can throw at you. If you live in a tub-less house, you don't have to save our products for your next hotel stay; we have all kinds of goodies you can use everyday, like liquid and bar soaps, creams, body polish, shower steamers, and even essential oil room sprays.

That's self-care, plus the natural healing power of salt and Mother Nature.


I know I deserve to feel good in my skin. Don't you deserve that, too?

xo Nicole

Nicole Salter, Founder, SaltZ&Co

Nicole and baby Nathaniel
Nicole and baby Naomi
Our Family
Baby shower gift basket from Saltzbaths


    we are family    

In July of 2017, we were thrilled to welcome Lauren Young, a graduate of the Waldorf School, to the fledgling business in the position of Intern. She participated in all aspects of the business, from product development to order fulfillment and direct sales. Her time with us came to an end in January 2018 so she could pursue full time opportunities. Except for hiring part-time seasonal and holiday hiring to help with production of bulk orders, deliveries and live shows, we are back to being a family business again! What does that look like?

  • I develop, hand-make, and sell the products, run this website, Google, Facebook and our Etsy shop, take care of social media, purchasing, order fulfillment, financials (and 1000 other things that entrepreneurs do!)

  • Michelle Hynes, pictured below, finishes, labels and packs products, fills orders and handles the substantial task of making sure your gift baskets look absolutely stunning.

  • Ilya does the driving, from the daily postal runs to sourcing and buying all the yummy, pretty local ingredients and supplies that can't be shipped

  • Nathaniel and Naomi (aged 9 and 8 in 2020) help Mama as product testers, labelers, and with odd jobs!

We are so happy to help more and more families in Toronto, Canada, and the United States experience the skin-loving benefits of healing natural ingredients while reducing waste and eliminating the toxins that wash down millions of drains every single day. From our family to yours...thank you.

Michelle Hynes
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