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Non-toxic bath and skincare products + fun, skin-safe colours and scents = kids who love bath time

Tip: Need a gift for kids to play with OUTSIDE the tub? Grab a DIY soap-making kit - an easy, fun (ages 4+ with adult assistance) activity for rainy days, birthday parties, and handmade gifting!


Bath Salts for Littles? Oh Yes, We Did.

Kid-friendly bath and body care products made with wholesome ingredients the whole family will love

Every parent knows there's nothing worse than a child who isn't feeling well, can't sleep, or simply is in need of a smile at bath time. When your baby isn't happy, you can't be happy. Sometimes, it's more serious than that; magnesium deficiency in children can lead to restlessness, irritability, sleep disturbances and ADHD symptoms. Eczema and rashes are common among children, and can cause a lot of distress.

Introducing safe, natural solutions that complement what you are already doing to care for your child: healing bath salts, bubbles, bath bombs, creams and butters with effective ingredients that calm, comfort and cheer the people who matter most.


Bonus: Your child will love playing with and pouring the salts just as much as you love the end results!

Have an Infant?

 Try our organic baby care products, which contain no artificial colours, preservatives, or harsh additives - just good clean soaps, oils and cream for delicate baby skin. 

Naomi, age 4, helping mix a batch of Sea of Green

Little girl, mixing bowl, bath salts

Nathaniel, age 6, pretending to eat a bar of These Apples soap

Child fake eating soap
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