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Kids birthday gift basket

I'm A Gummi Bear Kids Birthday Gift Basket

Going to another kid's birthday party where you just know that the little birthday girl or boy will be getting a zillion clothes and toys? Be different - in a good way - with a beautiful gift basket containing sweet, safe, gentle, non-irritating and fun bath treats for the birthday girl or boy. Each gift basket is personalized based on age and preferences - please specify gender OR gender-neutral.


The I'm a Gummi Bear gift basket includes:


1 bottle all-natural head to toe baby wash (4 oz)
1 bottle no-mineral-oil massage oil (2-4 oz)
1 shaker bottle non-toxic baby powder (2 oz)
2 bars unscented baby soap/assorted mini soaps
1 bar rainbow soap
1 bar Surprise soap with Pokemon toy inside - wash till you find it!
1 sachet soothing oatmeal bath
1 sachet kids' salts (citrus, peppermint or lavender)
1 fruity lip balm
Plus bonus age-appropriate toys and organic lollies!!! Huge value.

Attractive packaging (arrives fully wrapped)
If you'd like something substituted, upsized or left out, just let us know in the comments section, or send an email to to receive a price quote - we're very flexible. You can also request customization by gender, which can make your basket that much more adorable and personal. Happy birthday to the kid in your life!

    Movin, groovin, jammin, singing gummi bears, bright colours, sparkles, glitter, unicorns, fairies, Disney, pastels, sweet scents, happy children, captivating hearts and minds, fun in the tub, soft sweet skin and not promoting the use of dangerous chemicals to the next generation, this is the must-give gift for your next child's birthday party.


    The Gummy Bear Song by Gummibar


    Use it up! Handmade doesn't last pamper yourself now, rather than saving your bath and body care products for a special occasion a year from now :)

    Please note that due to ongoing supply chain issues and shortages, minor product substitutions may occur. Your basket will be beautiful and will always contain equal or greater value than the stated products. Got a problem with that? Email or leave a note in the notes section of your order and let us know - we will ensure you get exactly what is pictured and inform you of any delays!

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