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We have moved and are ONLINE ONLY (no retail space to shop or pick up) Located in a great live/work building in East York, the best place in Toronto to live.





On orders of 10+ of the same item for your:

  • Mommy group or party

  • Kid or Adult loot bags

  • Baby shower

  • Wedding favours

  • Corporate gifts and rewards

  • Swag bags

  • Hotel/BNB

  • Retail store / yoga boutique

  • Workshop

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Saltz&Co Toronto Holiday Markets & Special Events - We'll Keep You Posted. 
Many 2021 live events, shows and markets have been put on hold due to the pandemic. We are looking forward to getting back out and seeing our beautiful, supportive customers in person as soon as possible.

December 08, 2019

We're back at Toronto's best indoor/outdoor artisan market after a very successful Day of the Dead, for the iconic Winter Village! Let us help you celebrate the holidays with the return of Evergreen's Winter Village to the Brick Works, where you can play, eat and shop every weekend in December. Taste delicious treats from food trucks and local vendors, shop for unique gifts at the Holiday Market, skate on the newly reopened skating rink and even get your sustainably grown Christmas tree from the Evergreen Garden Market. 


This year's Winter Village will be held in the newly redeveloped Future Cities Centre surrounding the picturesque skating rink. The Holiday Market is the perfect place to do your holiday shopping because it has a rotating list of local artisans and craft vendors, but we hope you'll earmark our dates - December 8th and December 14th! Hope to see you there! 


December 31, 2019

Throughout the year, SaltZ&Co sells spa gift baskets and natural bath and body care products online here and on Etsy, as well as at public shows and markets. In 2020 - with live gatherings severely limited by the COVID-19 pandemic - we are focusing more on serving our loyal online customers, but will resume attendance at Toronto artisan markets and free Toronto events as soon as it is safe and practical to do so. Please check this page for more info on where we'll be in the New Year. Or order online for ultimate convenience, shipped straight to your destination anywhere in North America.

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When it comes to skincare gift baskets, sometimes you don't need a special occasion to send the perfect gift. Let us create your 

  • Natural face care kit (Dead Sea mud mask, toner & natural chamomile facial soap for clear soft skin)

  • Stress relief gift basket (add chocolate, cartoons, eye masks and more to complement our relaxing bath products)

  • Self care gift baskets (it's hard to deny yourself the good stuff when someone else bought it for you)

  • Sensitive skin gift baskets (unscented, hypoallergenic, organic salts, creams & soaps for eczema & other skin issues)

  • Pedicure gift set (your feet work hard, don't neglect them)

  • Make it yourself soap kits and DIY bath salts kits for crafters (the freshest products are the ones you make yourself)

  • Teacher gifts (pamper them, they often spend more time with our kids than we do)

  • Thank you gift basket to show appreciation (neighbours, friends, even bosses deserve our thanks!)

  • Custom spa gift baskets Toronto ship anywhere (tailored to your needs, preferences, themes and budget)

Frequently asked questions

Shipping & Returns

Can I come over and shop or pick up my products?

At this time we don't have a bricks and mortar store set up for retail shopping; ours is a home based, online business that also retails at craft shows and vendor markets around Toronto. We used to have contactless pickup, but since our move to a commercial/residential building in June, we no longer offer this option. Rest assured that your order will be shipped via Canada Post Expedited service, which is fast, reliable, tracked and insured. Hand delivery is possible only in exceptional cases, please email to inquire.

My products arrived in a box with branding on it?

That's right! We love to reuse and recycle whenever possible, so your products or gifts may arrive in a branded box from one of our suppliers such as iHerb or New Directions Aromatics - or even good, old Amazon. Please do not be alarmed - your SaltZ&Co goodies are well packed and safely nestled inside! All boxes are aired and securely stored for at least one week prior to being reused.

(U.S. only) I ordered on Etsy for $100 but the label says a much lower value.

U.S. customers take note: when shipping to the Lower 48, we state a lower dollar value than purchased and put a gift status on your shipping label strictly for your own protection, so you and your gift recipients are far less likely to have to pay duties on the parcels. Were we to put the actual value on the box, customs might make your giftee shell out to collect the package, and no one but the government wants that to happen!

How come my giftee had to pick up their gift basket from the post office?

We ship our gift hampers using the Canada Post Expedited service for swift, reliable delivery with tracking, at an affordable cost. Some apartment buildings and PO boxes cannot accommodate large parcels and pickup from a local outlet may be necessary.

What is your returns policy?

Human error occurs. If you accidentally left the unit number off your delivery order, we will process a new gift within 3-5 days and invoice you for the shipping cost in good faith (returns rarely make it back!) We will refund or re-ship for the following additional reasons: -Product arrived damaged Please note that minor substitutions of equal or greater value may occur in gift baskets. For example, in a gift basket containing many products, you may receive a hand cream in lieu of a body butter so that your gift arrives on time. If you will not accept any substitutions, please include this in the Notes section of your order.

Products & Ingredients

You have a lot of bath & body products. Why so many?

The majority of our products can be cateorized into three main groups: Bath salts; soaps; and balms/butters. From there, it's an easy step to customizing these products according to fragrance, additives and so forth. We have chosen not to reinvent the wheel, but to stick with the bath, shower and skin care essentials. Choice can be tough! When you're buying as a gift or trying to solve a particular problem, you may need more information before you buy. For example, Epsom salts are not even salt (did you know that? There, we just blew your mind) but they are excellent for muscle relaxation, whereas Dead Sea salts are better for skin conditioning. We recommend that you read the "IF YOU LIKE" section on each product page to help determine whether a particular product would be a good fit. For the straight goods on the healing properties of the various ingredients that go into our products, please poke around our website and other reputable sites, and do your own research to learn more. Or send a message to for a speedy personal response.

Help, there's bits and rings in my tub!

Ah yes, the bits dilemma! Everyone likes wonderful healing herbs and aromatic dried flowers in the bath, they're so fragrant and decadent, but no one likes the bits that wind up in the tub afterwards. And if your drain is already slow-moving, bits can make the problem worse. We recommend that you purchase an inexpensive mesh drain catcher to use when you pull the plug. Or, try the Bath Tub Tea, which contains all the bits in a muslin bag you just plop right in the tub. As for rings, that's would be the clay and mica colorants clinging to the oils in your product, because we don't use chemical emulsifiers. It will wipe right off!

Whoa, is this stuff safe for my kids?

SaltZ products are made with natural or mostly-natural ingredients that are considered safe for internal and external use, yet there is always a chance of an allergy. We minimize allergy risks in our Baby Care line by using only food-safe, extremely low allergen ingredients like avocado oil and cocoa butter (as opposed to almond oil, for example). Ingredients are listed on our website and on product labels, however, ingredients can come into contact with other ingredients. We obviously want you to be safe. If you are concerned, please test the product on a small area of skin before using. If you already know or believe you have an allergy, please contact us and we would be happy to make you a special order that does not contain whatever ingredient you are concerned about.

Does everything you make have salt in it?

Almost! Why? Because mineral salts have too many healing benefits to count, whether you're using a foot soak to soothe and invigorate, a bath salt to replenish your body's depleted magnesium supply, or a scrub to exfoliate and stimulate your body's lymphatic system to drain out toxins. Salt also acts as a natural preservative for our household sprays and sanitizers and a thickener for shower gels. However, certain products such as our lip balms, butters, and dog shampoo do not contain salt. If you're not sure about any ingredient, feel free to contact us to ask or make a custom order, as carrier oils and ingredients can change faster than our packaging can keep up.

These bath salts/bath bombs smell a little strong?

Our products are scented first and foremost with essential oils, and even our products that contain (safe 2% synthetic) fragrance oil are phthalate-free, so the scent isn't tightly bound to the product artificially. Because these types of fragrances will naturally dissipate over time, even in the most tightly sealed jar, we make them nice and strong to begin with. This allows you to extend the value of the product by mixing SaltZ with your own unscented Epsom salts, for example, to stretch out the product and get more bang for your buck. Of course, because you are diluting the salts in a full tub, they won't smell as strong in your bath!

Where are SaltZ made, and what qualifies you to make them?

Every batch of SaltZ is handmade right on our kitchen table - sterilized, of course! While large-scale factories are fun, they're also expensive, so for now, our products are hand crafted in our home. Making handmade natural skin care products is available to anyone with practice, patience, and the help of excellent, time-tested recipes; it is time-consuming to get everything just right. Fortunately, I have always been a creative person who happens to be OBSESSED with bath products (and perfection) so product R&D is a joy. We make SaltZ&Co products with meticulous care, not to mention imagination, rigorous practical testing, ever-expanding knowledge of best practices, uncompromising use of high-quality raw materials, and a whole lot of elbow grease.

Is everything you make 100% natural?

We currently have over 45, 100-percent natural skus which is a huge number! While we always strive to be as natural as possible, some of our soaps and salts do contain phthalate-free fragrance oil (98 percent naturally derived, 2% synthetic) and/or skin-safe colorant. These additives help stabilize the products and give greater versatility in terms of fragrance and colour. None of our products contain parabens, artificial preservatives, detergents, surfactants, petroleum, talc, or phthlalates, and the vast majority are vegan (beeswax being the one exception to our vegan rule) Using safe synthetics is not about cost-cutting in the least - we use essential oils and natural mineral colours right alongside 100% natural premium ingredients. The reason is that while our customers (and we ourselves) love a good handmade product, our fans also like colourful products with a pleasant scent. Natural fragrances alone often dissipate very quickly or aren't shelf-stable, and it isn't always practical to achieve a desired colour or design with herbs or minerals. We believe that we have created very safe, cleaner, greener, and high-performing products by using 97-100% naturally derived ingredients.

Help! My Dead Sea facial mud mask is drying out.

That's fine! Some separation is completely normal with natural products such as the Dead Sea Mud Mask and our shower gels and room sprays, for example, which should be shaken prior to use for best results. Eventually, the water will evaporate from the mud and it will become thicker and drier than desired. Just add a few drops of water to the mud mask and give it a good stir.

Help! My hand/foot/body butter is melting.

Our creams and butters are solid at room temperature but will indeed go soft on you in temperatures above 25 Celsius. Not to worry, they are still good! Just store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight and they will firm up again. You can even store them in the fridge and just use your body heat to soften them when it's time to moisturize.

What is the difference between a bath fizz and a bath bomb?

Essentially, nothing. The bath fizzes are smaller and in a disk shape, but contain more oils, so they are more potent; the traditionally shaped balls take longer to dissolve but contain the same aromatherapy benefits.

Does bath candy contain sugar?

No, because we'd never do that to you or your children. Even innocent-seeming products like cornstarch turn to sugar and feed yeast, making diaper rashes worse. Sugar does not do much for your skin and dissoves very quickly. We just make our salt bath bombs and mica-coloured Espsm salt 'dust' look and smell like sugar so it's fun.

My product looks slightly different from the product pictures?

All our products are handmade in small batches, so colours can end up a little lighter or darker than pictured or than what your friend got 6 months ago. For products made in molds, like shower steamers and soaps, the shapes may be different, and packaging can vary subject to availability as well. Our handmade products may not be uniform because they aren't made in a factory, but they are handmade freshly for you with premium natural ingredients...and love!

Gift Baskets

How come the product pictures look different from each other?

Our products are handmade in small batches - no two batches are identical! Similarly, our gift baskets are custom made to order and often contain additional or subtitute items requested by our customers. The pictures are intended as a guide to display our work. We are happy to personalize custom gift baskets as much as possible, but ask for your patience with equal/greater value substitutions where necessary due to ongoing shortages and supply chain delays. You will always receive a beautiful basket chock full of amazing handmade bath and body care products!

Can I add a bottle of wine to my basket?

We can add all sorts of things to our gift baskets, subject to size of basket. Additional charges may apply, so we typically handle this as a custom order with a manual invoice - please email with your inquiry.


Does SaltZ&Co give back to the community?

You mean, besides bringing cleaner, greener, high-performing bath products to the community? :) Yes. SaltZ&Co gives anyone who works in mental or physical health care - social workers, dentists, nurses, physicians, counselors, PSWs, DSWs, therapists, pharmacists, lab techs, OTs, anyone in the health care field - 10% off all regularly priced products every day, with the code HEALTHCARE. We respect medical professionals, many of whom work long hours on their feet in difficult roles. As well, specialty products like our unique Pride Soap donate to specific fundraising campaigns for a limited time. Last but not least, we regularly donate gift baskets and swag to local fundraising events as raffle and auction prizes. If you are hosting or participating in such an event, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Why do I get voicemail when I call you for a custom order?

This one is simple: Due to the high volume of orders and inquiries and our permanent staff of 2, we are often too busy making products and filling orders, to take phone inquiries. You can send an email to or text us at 647-909-8307 for a speedy response, once we unmask from soap-making!