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Delivered anywhere in North America. Scrumptious natural bath soap bars handmade with skin-loving ingredients

TIP: Make it a gift by adding a natural sisal pouch (a pretty, practical way to great lather and mild exfoliation) or a handmade pine soap dish to your order and get your bar for just $5!

All of our soaps are detergent-free, vegan, and contain no surfactants, phthalates, animal products, petroleum derivatives, or SLS/SLES. We use a natural soap base made of saponified vegetable oils (coconut, safflower and certified sustainably farmed palm). When an oil is saponified by the addition of sodium hydroxide (lye) it produces a salt, known as sodium; for example, sodium cocoate is the result of combining coconut oil with sodium hydroxide to make soap. All soap is made with lye, but not all soap has the gentle, natural, skin-loving ingredients that make handmade soap so special.


Our creamy soaps have unrefined cocoa butter added for extra moisture. We then add Himalayan pink salt, pure essential oils and/or phthalate-free fragrance oils*, herbs, and skin-safe mineral colorants to create a cleaner, greener bar that is kind and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.



*We source fragrance oils that are 98 percent naturally derived, with a 2% synthetic to hold the scent and provide a wider variety of fragrance options.


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