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Ingredients That Maximize Every Bath

When I was growing up in Toronto, Noah's was one of the few places that sold natural cosmetics and minimally processed beauty products. These days it's fairly easy to find organic and herb-based body & bath products, but people still worry: Is it safe for me? Is it safe for my children?

By using mostly natural vegan ingredients that you might already have in your cupboard -  like Epsom salts and sea salts, baking soda, almond oil, oatmeal - and scenting them with pure essential oils and dried herbs and flowers, SaltZ&Co ensures safety first. We are not a strictly organic or all-natural company, but majority of our products have these qualities; we seek these ingredients wherever possible. We are a much cleaner, greener alternative to commercial skin care products.


Our luxury bath salts for baths, natural bath soap and skin care products are made with care, love, and ingredients that work well for majority of skin types.

How often do you get a good long soak, free from interruptions? As a parent (or student, entrepreneur, full time worker etc.) it may not happen too at SaltZ&Co, we want to make sure you get the most out of your tub time.  That's why every jar of our meticulously hand-crafted bath salts and every bar of our gentle, non-drying soap is packed to the brim with potent essential oils, skin-softening carrier oils like coconut, sweet almond and extra-virgin olive, and detoxifying ingredients like clays, activated charcoal, ginger and turmeric.

It's also why many of our products can be used for multiple purposes. For example, our oatmeal bath tub tea for sunburn, poison ivy and bug bites is also great for soothing itchy psoriasis, eczema or just plain winter skin. Our Belly Balm, originally designed for preventing stretch marks on growing bellies, has so much unrefined natural cocoa butter that it's great to help scars vanish and to soothe dry spots all over. And believe it or not, our diaper cream is sought after by people who have discovered it heals their acne.

I love a good bath. Give me scalding hot water and something that smells great - whether it's natural bar soap, bath gel, bath bombs, oils, salts, fizzies...I'm easy. For me, as long as my body care products smell good and make my skin feel good, I'm not picky.

Other people are though!

To keep it simple, SaltZ bath products have handpicked ingredients that give you the biggest bang for your buck...because self-care shouldn't cost the earth! That being said, minimally processed products don't always behave the way commercial ones do. Shelf life is typically shorter than what you pick up at the drugstore. For example, our all natural shower gels lather up beautifully while you're using them, but don't act like bubble bath - no mountains of white foam that last for hours. You'll need surfactants (detergent) for that - good for your dishes and your dirty clothes, but not so good for your skin!


We hope you'll choose SaltZ for your next bath or shower - or learn how to make your own amazing natural products at home (yes, we share our intel!). If you're not absolutely delighted with your SaltZ product, have questions about shelf life, or are not sure if a product is behaving as it should, please contact us.

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