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Baby Got Back All Natural Diaper Cream

Baby Got Back All Natural Diaper Cream


If you use cloth diapers and would rather avoid the fishy smell in many of the common commercially available diaper creams, protect baby's bottom with this healing cream which absorbs into baby's skill to soothe chafed bottoms and make diaper rash disappear. Here's how it works: Coconut oil infused with soothing, rash-curing, baby-friendly plants like myrrh and cucumber peel is blended with shea butter, zinc oxide and kaolin clay for its moisture absorbent qualities.


The result is whipped into a rich, thick cream which melts into baby bums when applied gently with your fingers. A little dab goes a long way! Top off with a thicker natural ointment if an extra barrier is desired, knowing the healing ingredients are penetrating first and doing their work.


Please note: Cream will appear white when dried, due to the zinc oxide; it warms and thins when applied. Slightly grainy texture is due to the myrrh gum.


    Desitin, Penaten (or the idea but not the reality of these heavy bum creams) smooth (not red and chafed) bottoms, using natural products on your precious bundle, breathability, softness, meadows, fresh air, sunshine, swaddling blankets, carrying baby in a sling, long walks pushing the stroller, and latte breaks at the Lil Bean & Green, please try Baby Got Back Diaper Cream.


    Coconut oil, shea butter, zinc oxide powder, kaolin clay, beeswax, aloe oil, myrrh gum powder, cucumber peel extract, frankincense and rose essential oils.


    Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot

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