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What's so great about SaltZ? Well, for one thing, it only takes 1/2 cup (or one bath sachet) to make a delightfully healing bath, so you can enjoy your SaltZ&Co body beauty products for many happy pampering sessions. It's simply great value for a quality bath experience that grownups - and littles - will love.

What else...

What to know about your bath SaltZ


  • The various oils and the salts themselves act as natural preservatives, so you don't need to worry about salts losing their mineral benefits or oils going rancid even if you aren't a regular soaker. However, fragrances may dissipate quickly. SaltZ jars have an airtight seal, and the single-use cellophane/zip bags are food grade, but essential oil fragrances will wick away quickly (that's just what salt does to essential oils), so expect a milder scent after opening. We recommend storing all SaltZ products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and using bath salts within 3-6 months.


  • The skin-safe colouring won't stain washcloths, skin or tub - and if you're worried that man-made colouring doesn't agree with you or your little one, just let us know and we'll make you a custom body care product free of all colour.


  • SaltZ are perfectly blended. Epsom salts are naturally occurring magnesium/sulfate minerals that detoxify and replenish the body's mineral content. Blended 70/30 with natural sea salts that heal the skin without being drying, and essential oils known for specific healing properties, our specially developed formulas cover all the bases. Unscented specialty salts, like Dead Sea and Himalayan pink salt, are highly mineralized and thus help replenish what our bodies need.

  • When using SaltZ, you can stir them up or keep the salt ribbons and herb or petal toppers intact. Petals may turn brown over time as they absorb the essential oils. To prevent drain clogging with habitual use, we recommend purchasing an inexpensive drain catcher.

One caveat: SaltZ with dried flower pieces are not recommended for tubs with jets. Try one of the bits-free formulas instead!

What to know about your SoapZ

  • Nearly all our natural bath soaps (some exceptions being Pug Life Natural Dog Shampoo Bar, Mello Yello and These Apples) contain Himalayan pink salt or Hawaiian black lava salt on one side. It's the 'scrubby' side and great for exfoliating! Eventually the salt, as well as any herbs, petals, kelp, etc., will melt into the bar.

  • Our soaps contain natural vegetable glycerin, which attracts moisture (that's why they are so nice on the skin). Keep your soap out of standing water to prevent premature melting. If you notice your soap sweating, that is because it is attracting moisture from excessively humid air; it will dry out in a couple of hours in normal room temperature conditions.

  • The majority of our products are naturally scented with essential oils, but some also contain phthalate-free synthetic fragrances alongside or in place of the natural oils in order to boost or retain the fragrance. Our fragrance oils are sourced from producers who use 98% naturally derived ingredients with a 2% synthetic preservative. Products containing fragrance oil will list 'fragrance' on the ingredients label. We only use fragrance oils when using essential oils alone is impractical or ineffective for the particular product.

What to know about other SaltZ&Co bath products

  • Hand sanitizers and room sprays are 100% natural and as such, must be shaken well before each use. For best results, use all fragrance sprays within 6-9 months.

  • As a fully natural product, Dead Sea mud eventually separates from the water and oils in the jar. Stir the jar before using if it's been a while. Feel free to add a few drops of water prior to stirring if the product has sat open or feels dry.

  • Bath bombs and fizzes may leave a tub ring. That's because of the natural mica colours interacting with the skin-loving oils and clay in the product - without chemical stabilizers like Polysorbate-80 to make oil and water mix :)

  • If you buy several different products such as soaps and bath bombs, try to store them separately; natural and phthalate-free fragrances aren't chemically bound to the products, so they can blend together quite easily.

  • Our butters and balms can leave a greasy feel because they are oil-based (natural vegan butters like shea butter and cocoa butter are considered oils). Oil based products have a long (2-year) shelf life without any artificial preservatives. Use only a little bit (it goes a long way!) or slather on before bed for the best experience. If you prefer less-greasy moisture, try one of our products that contains beeswax, like the Sweet Caroline Massage Bar or the All My Friends Are Insects bug repellent stick, which has a surprising following as a roll-on lotion bar.

Now that you're in the know, are you ready to try some of our wonderful nearly-natural and all natural Toronto-made bath products?

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