Solid lotion bar shaped like a rose

Sweet Caroline Skin Nourishing Solid Massage Bar


When you really want to give your loved one a massage but aren't a fan of oil spills, reach for this buttery bar instead. All the skin-pampering benefits of cocoa butter, shea butter and hemp oil are present in this delightfully skin-softening solid bar, which uses the warmth of your hands and the lucky massage-ee's skin to melt directly onto your skin. With a scent that's delightfully sweet and spicy without being overpowering, this is the perfect massage bar to relieve tension on a cold winter's night - or to reveal as a romantic Valentine's surprise.


Note: Bar is solid at room temperature but may be stored in the refrigerator if added hardness is desired.


    Fresh churned butter, custard, pecan tarts, not touching greasy sticky bottles, reusable tins, your own personal toiletries, happy endings, vigorous rubdowns, Swedes in bathrobes, visiting the steam room, pressure points, sipping herbal tea and drinking water with citrus fruit, you absolutely must try Sweet Caroline Nourishing Massage Bar.


    Cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, hempseed oil, shorea (sal) butter, 100% natural fragrance of rose, vanilla & cedarwood.


    Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond


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