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Bee pollen soap

Bees Do It Bee Pollen Soap


Birds do it, bees do it...enjoy bee pollen, that is! Bee pollen is made when worker bees visit flowers and take their pollen back to the hive, mixing it with yummy bee secretions to ferment it and make little balls that compose the primary baby food for bee larvae. It's harvested in minute amounts to preserve this precious substance for the bee larvae.


So, what's it doing in a bar of soap? Bee pollen is intensely moisturizing, without leaving any residue behind. It's also antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and contains over 90 vitamins, enzymes, minerals, proteins and amino acids - including one that stimulates collagen production. Oh, did we mention it has a beautiful yellow colour and smells just like beeswax and honey?


Give a bar to a friend with sensitive skin and spread some Joy!


Key soap facts:

-cleanses without stripping

-pH neutral

-no animal oils

-leaves no soapy film behind

-produces luxurious lather


-contains no SLS


    Honey in clear squeezeable bears, fields of tiny wildflowers, pollinators, hay bales, tall grass prairies, horseback riding, honeycomb, Meaghan Markle, every superfood ever discovered, rare substances, nature's delicacies, and gentle lather, bee nice and buy a bar for yourself and one for a friend who'd like to try natural soap!


    Saponified oils of coconut, safflower, and certified sustainably farmed palm; vegetable glycerin, water, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, oat protein, honey powder, bee pollen, natural fruit extract.


    Let's Do it by Ella Fitzgerald

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