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Make your own natural soap kit

I Did It My Way Soap Making Kit


You know the old saying 'If you want something done right, do it yourself'? Well, whether you believe in rugged individualism or not, y ou will love this make your own natural soap kit! Now you can make your own glycerin soap and gift it or enjoy it yourself within hours. This kit is suitable for ages 4 and up with adult supervision, so kids can make soap for their favourite teacher, friends, grandparents!


This is a perfect activity for...


-Kids Birthdays: The Jumbo kit makes up to 16 soaps, so you can do this as a party activity and give the soaps as party favours afterwards.

-Girls Night In: Make your own soap instead of just drinking and bingeing on Netflix.

-Fundraising: Charge participants to do the kit as an activity at your school's spring fling/craft fair.

-Rainy Days With Kids: Get them off the iPad with this fun and useful activity. It's totally safe for kids because the lye step has already been done for you.

-Self-Care Therapy: Making soap is easy, relaxing and stress-free, you can experiment with all different kinds, plus you can give the soaps as inexpensive gifts.


Specify scent in drop down menu and let us know of any substitutions or preferences in the notes section. Regular Kit contains:


  • 1 lb all natural glycerin melt and pour soap base
  • 1 bottle phthalate-free fragrance oil
  • 1 bottle essential oil
  • 1 vial soap colour OR 1 jar natural mica powder colorant
  • 1 packet dried herbs to add to soap
  • 1 packet Himalayan pink salt to add a scrubby side to soap
  • 3 silicone soap molds
  • 3 mini Pokemon toys to embed in soaps
  • 1 bottle Isopropyl Alcohol for removing bubbles from soap
  • 1 eye dropper for fragrances and colour
  • Raffia for decorative tying of finished soaps
  • Easy to follow, large-print instruction sheet


Jumbo Kit contains all of the above, PLUS:


  • 1 additional lb of soap base
  • 2 more fragrances of your choice (tell us in the notes; trust us, we have it)
  • 5 more soap molds + 5 more Pokemon toys
  • 2 more soap colours of your choice
  • 1 more packet of dried petals, buds or herbs
  • Extra raffia
  • 16 clear loot bags with ties, to hold soaps as party favours


Please note oil bottles may appear half empty (we prefer to think of them as half full!) This is because the bottles are larger than required for the recipe. With essential oils and fragrance oils, a little goes a long way!


    Getting the job done right, doing it yourself, going your own way, rugged individualism, pioneer life without the hassle, Home Depot, Rona, YouTube instructional videos, buffet restaurants, Menchie's, exciting birthday parties, and Choose Your Own Adventure, roll up your sleeves so you can say I Did It My Way with our DIY soap kit.


    My Way by Frank Sinatra

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