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Blister In The Sun Aloe Vera After-Sun Gel

Blister In The Sun Aloe Vera After-Sun Gel


 Summer is brief in the Northeast but it's also scalding...and then there's the winter escapes to beach destinations (temporarily on hold) to get some much-needed Vitamin D!


The problem is, we're not used to getting all that much sun north of 40. Even with sunscreen, it's not unusual to get blistered in the sun - or at least experience tender, red skin, especially after accidental overexposure to the sun.


The thing is, a little sun is good for your health - Vitamin D is also one of the biggest immune boosters we have. Go ahead and let it shine on you. Afterwards, soothe your skin with the goodness of pure, organic aloe vera gel with the extra moisture of coconut oil. Aloe vera has been known across all cultures and time periods as the “burn plant,” the ultimate natural remedy for a bad sunburn, and additionally, aloe vera oil can moisturize the skin and help prevent peeling.


Completely unlike the alcohol and synthetic-filled tubes of gel you get at the drugstore, this really cools, moisturizes and heals skin with everything you want and nothing you don't. Carry a 2 oz jar or bottle with you to the beach, and keep one in the fridge for immediate cooling relief! Or use this gel as a light, super-penetrating moisturizer year round.


Directions: Shake well and apply generously anywhere there has been sun exposure.


    Organic aloe vera gel, aloe vera juice, aloe vera oil (soybean oil suspension), fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of lavender and peppermint, natural mica.


    Tanning, beaches, swimming, bikinis, martinis, the Polar Bear Plunge, looking 10 lbs lighter, sporting a healthy glow, not having your skin peel off, striped red and white mints, drinking outside under awnings, riding your bike in a tank top, strolling and window shopping, straw bags with cheap novels inside, and putting designer sunglasses on top of your head, you need a jar of Blister In The Sun to prevent, cool and heal, well, blisters in the sun.


    Blister in the Sun by The Violent Femmes


    Use it up! Handmade doesn't last pamper yourself now, rather than saving your bath and body care products for a special occasion a year from now :)

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