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Baby Love Herb Infused Bath & Massage Oil

Baby Love Herb Infused Bath & Massage Oil


Regular baby oil is usually made of mineral oil, a petroleum product that sits on the skin and forms a barrier but doesn't actually add any moisture whatsoever to baby's delicate skin. When moisture is needed, instead of reaching for the lotion bottle or artificial oils, use Baby Love - the nourishing, unscented, skin-penetrating massage oil that heals and protects skin while your touch sends loving energy into the body. You can also use this as a perfect sensitive skin massage oil or moisturizer as an adult, why not? Hypoallergenic, soothing, and just a few drops will do!


PS Using an all-natural, vegetable based oil as a bath oil really helps offset the potentially drying effects of hot water and soap on the skin at any age. Just add  a capful to the tub to soften the water and you can skip the moisturizing step.


    Baby soft skin, minimizing irritation, not shopping at big box stores for your skin care products, making baby coo with delight, making your partner coo with delight, moisturizing the natural way, slipping and sliding, getting soft hands while helping others, and protecing innocent babies, Baby Love is the massage oil for you to buy.


    Avocado oil, rice bran oil, chamomile flowers, calendula and/or comfrey leaves, rose petals, lavender buds, lavender essential oil.


    Baby Love by The Supremes

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