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Baby I Love Your Way Non-toxic Baby Powder

Baby I Love Your Way Non-toxic Baby Powder


Talc is toxic to babies even if it's unscented, and while certainly natural, using nothing but pure cornstarch can create an unpleasant "pee paste" in diapers. Keep baby's bum soft, dry and soothed with this all-natural, non toxic alternative to conventional powder...or shake it on yourself wherever dryness and freshness are desired but outright deodorant isn't needed. Baking soda balances pH and chamomile flowers soothe, while a touch of rose clay helps dry out rashes.


Note: Arrowroot is still a starch, though gentler than cornstarch, and as such, should not be used on a yeast-based bum rash! If you suspect yeast, don't use cornstarch either - try our heavy duty Diaper Rash cream, or ask your doctor for a specially medicated cream.


    Avoiding diaper rash, keeping skin dry, absorbing excess fluid, clean bums, fresh smells, happy babies, Disney, storks, Pampers codes, powdered donuts, powdered sugar, and other things that come in powdered form, try Baby I Love Your Way.


    Arrowroot powder and/or organic tapioca/white rice starch, baking soda, kaolin clay, crushed chamomile flowers, rose clay, orange essential oil.


    Baby, I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton

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