Himalayan pink salt for baths Toronto

Ain't No Mountain High Enough Himalayan Pink Salt Soak


There's nothing like the real thing, baby...and that is certainly true when it comes to HImalayan pink salt! There is a reason we use it in all our soaps and as a special addition to many of our other bathing salts. Sure, it's pretty in culinary, but this is the large-crystal salt that is reminiscent of exotic spas and long days spent floating in cool ocean waters or soaking in toasty hot springs. It's ultra-premium on its own; multiply the ordinary skin-softening and health benefits of salt baths by 2-5x.


Pink salt is all the rage these days for its versatile range of uses, from edible seasoning to cooking, plating, lamps and candle holders that release negative ions to cleanse the air, even shot glasses that flavour the liquor poured inside. But what makes it so special is the fact that it is very highly mineralized; it was formed 200 million years ago when the Himalayas were, you guessed it, underwater. Two hundred million years is a very long time to develop anything and Mother Nature doesn't disappoint with this premium spa salt - which we leave absolutely naked, the better to deepen the relaxation these mineral salts naturally produce.


    Feeling on top of the world, the Dalai Lama, yurts, mountain goats, meditation, taking healing waters, travelling first class, spa treatments, high altitudes, hot baths at base camp, full body wraps, full body massages, steaming water and being made to feel insignificant by natural wonders, then Ain't No Mountain High Enough Himalayan Pink Salt Soak is the luxury bath salt for you.


    Himalayan pink salt.


    Directions: Use a handful of the salt in a warm or hot bath. Scent to taste if desired, with essential oils.


    Aint No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye


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