All by Myself Consolation Gift Basket

All by Myself Consolation Gift Basket

 It's a new world order and it happened really fast. Suddenly people who work long hours and dream about having weekends free to sleep in, find themselves bored, restless and kind of depressed from not seeing their coworkers and losing the regular routine. Suddenly people are working half time or no time, or full time at home while trying to watch the kids. There is uncertainty about safety and finances, and what the future holds.


But while COVID-19 continues to keep us in physical isolation and emotional insecurity, life is still happening. People are still having birthdays and babies and getting diagnosed and getting married and breaking up. The difference is that now, the inability to celebrate and support these milestones in more traditional ways is obviously casting a shadow over life's important events. For some, overwhelm and loneliness can set in pretty quick. I don't even know what day it is!


Show your friend you remembered, you care, and you are sorry their vacation is cancelled and they aren't an essential service and their kids are driving them insane while they try to answer a few emails to log how much they've worked from home. Send a birthday gift, condolence basket, coronavirus consolation prize, or virtual hug safely with contactless pickup and delivery, and you'll be sending the message that self-isolation sucks, but it doesn't have to suck quite so much right now - you really can enjoy yourself, all by yourself.


The All By Myself Consolation Basket comes with 3 thoughtful options:


1. You've Got Time - The perfect gift basket for creative/artistic types who like to work with their hands when they're bored, and appreciate natural healing. It includes:


  • Healing Himalayan pink salt tea light holder with beeswax tea light
  • Clay diffuser with essential oil blend to stimulate the senses
  • 1 bottle sage smudging spray for purified air (2 oz)
  • 2 bars natural handmade soap
  • 1 Sitti hand carved pine soap dish
  • *Assorted art supplies including frames, mini canvases and colours
  • *Handpainted porcelain dish for mixing paints
  • OR
  • *Indoor gardening supplies/kits
  • *Hand care (hand butter, organic liquid castille soap non-drying hand wash)
  • All in a keepsake SaltZ&Co high quality pine crate sourced from ethical Toronto enterprise BeauxBox


2. I'm Still Alive - Yes, you are - and when a gratitude list just isn't doing it, indulge in something instantly satisfying because if ever there was a time to cut yourself some slack, it's now. **Note: Bottle for display purposes only, substitute with gift card or beverage of your choice up to $5 value.


  • Glass candle holder with upbeat message and beeswax candle
  • Herb-infused massage oil/bath oil (2 oz)
  • Decadent chocolates
  • Single-serve fizzy adult beverage
  • All-natural lip balm
  • Dead Sea facial mud mask for clear, balanced skin (15 ml, 1-2 uses)


3. I Feel Fine - It may be the end of the world as we know it, but we all know that cheerful positive person who takes it all in stride and makes the best of things! This whimsical gift set says "I'm thinking of you, let's have some laughs and hugs in person when we can."  Gift box includes:


  • Emoji/funny mug
  • Eye mask to wear in the tub and block out stress
  • Assorted teas and chocolates
  • 1 fun and magical bath bomb
  • 1 loofah soap for that extra scrubbing we need
  • 1 all natural hand cleansing spray with antibacterial/antimicrobial essential oils **Note: Low alcohol content, not proven to kill COVID-19, but creates a cleaner, more balanced environment for skin
  • All over cocoa butter balm/body butter for a sweet skin indulgence
  • Breath mints/gum to keep that fresh feeling, masked or not
  • Fun activitity/desktop game such as puzzle or Sudoku book


Attractive packaging (arrives fully wrapped or ships with easy wrap included)
If you'd like something substituted, upsized or left out, just let us know in the comments section - we will accommodate if possible.


We will get through this together!


    Staying safe, self-imposed quarantine, isolating, gaming, chat rooms, silly jokes, guilt-free indulgences, more time for grooming, taking self-care to the next level, not being treated like a pariah for exiting your home, reminding loved ones you care without actually touching them, making someone's day, showing solidarity, and random online shopping to stave off boredom, we urge you to consider one of our spectacular spa gift baskets.


    All by Myself by Celine Dion

    You've Got Time by Regina Spektor

    Alive by Pearl Jam

    It's the End of the World As We Know It by R.E.M.


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