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Cedar Tree Aromatic Closet Scenting Balls

Cedar Tree Aromatic Closet Scenting Balls


Tired of musty-smelling closets? Worried about moths and other pests slowly chewing their way through your Louboutins? Want to keep the drawers in your drawers smelling fresh longer? Cedar balls are the natural way to go. Unlike ordinary lavender sachets which work only for a little while, cedar balls are naturally aromatic - that's why cedar chests are lined with this precious wood.


Ours are saturated in lavender essential oil for three days before the balls are dried and placed in a porous hemp bag. When the lavender fragrance eventually fades, the balls can be sanded or simply wiped with a damp cloth to restore the fragrance. Can be hung from a hanger, placed in a wardrobe or opened and scattered throughout a drawer. Set of 6 balls.


    Cedar balls, lavender essential oil.


    Walk in closets, HGTV, that new home smell, crisply folded linens, fresh scents, ventilation, spring air, natural woods, LAVENDER, matching hangers and hanging laundry on the line, you should place one or two Cedar Trees in your drawers, wardrobes and closets.


    Cedar Tree by Indigo Girls

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