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Natural vapo rub for kids

Don't Stand So Close To Me Natural Vapour Rub Stick


Do you love winter - the fun sports, the family holidays, the excuse to hibernate - but hate the fact that it tends to coincide with cold and flu season? Give yourself and your children a breathe-right boost with safe, natural and effective vapor rub lotion bars that come in a convenient, mess-free tube for easy application.


That's right, now you can stop getting goopy, greasy menthol under your fingernails and worrying about artificial ingredients; our version of the popular store brand is 100% natural and uses powerful decongestent essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus to keep airways more open, and ease coughing. It's a great stick to have on hand, especially in the winter months.


Simply rub directly on the chest and back (lung area) as well as under the nose/upper lip to clear the sinuses, for a layer of protection with a pleasant medicinal scent. Also doubles as a muscle relief rub due to the icy/hot nature of the lotion bar. Not recommended for babies under 6 months due to the high concentration of essential oils.


PS 1 oz and 2 oz may seem like small sizes but they are not; 2 oz is the size of a large deodorant stick and the tubes are full all the way down :)


    Breathing with confidence, helping your kids get a good night's sleep, not fretting over harsh additives, Take 5 gum, ouzo mints, vaporizers, neti pots, cough drops, tea with honey, fresh gingerroot, staying under the covers, and chicken soup with rice, keep a tube or two of Don't Stand So Close to Me Natural Vapour Rub in your medicine cabinet.


    Ingredients: Almond/hemp/avocado oil, beeswax, essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, camphor and cajeput, menthol, Vitamin E.


    Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police


    Use it up! Handmade doesn't last pamper yourself now, rather than saving your bath and body care products for a special occasion a year from now :)

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