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Essential oils for personal care

Essential Oils


Is there anything essential oils can't do? Whether you're a believer in using them for specific healing properties (aromatherapy) or just love natural herbal fragrances, essential oils are great to have on hand. They've definitely moved from that little shelf next to the incense at the local specialty store, to the bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms of everyday people. Of course, they are used in a host of personal care products, but you can easily use essential oils at home for:


-Natural home fragrance in diffusers, humidifiers or DIY room spray

-Inhaling the scents for calm, relaxation or a mood boost

-Blending and diluting to create a signature personal fragrance

-Adding to your own massage oil, bath water, lotions and liquid soaps

-Adding to laundry sheets or your favourite natural household cleaners


Of course, it is essential (sorry for the pun!) to follow safety guidelines for dilution when using essential oils on the body - always dilute essential oils before applying directly to the skin. Each drop of essential oil is the equivalent of an enormous amount of plant material. For example, lavender essential oil, which is one of the stronger and more easily extracted essential oils, still requires over 15 pounds of lavender flowers to produce just 1 ounce of oil! Please use these highly concentrated natural fragrances carefully and research best practices when using around pets and children. Not sure what questions to ask? Here is some basic essential oil usage info to get you started.


What's the best way to enjoy essential oils? Experiment with new scents and blends! If ordering an oil trio, please specify in the comments what 3 oils you'd like. We stock the following popular oils from New Directions Aromatics:








-Fir Balsam

-Clary sage


-Tea Tree


Not sure what goes well together, or buying for a gift? Just specify the desired result (i.e. relaxing, uplift & cheer, healing, room fragrance etc.) and we'll select for you. You can read more about the properties of these essential oils on our page here.


Add a bottle to a gift basket with or without a diffuser (check out this great option we carry), or grab three and give one to a friend and enjoy nature's pure perfume.



    15 ml glass bottle of 100% essential oil

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