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Pink Himalayan salt candle holder

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder


Looking for a little something that's equal parts practical, pampering and beautiful? This Himalayan pink salt candle holder ticks all the boxes. The included beeswax tealight candle, when lit, adds a soft and pretty light to any room, and you can replace the tea light as many times as you want - this solid block of pink salt lasts forever!


Pink salt lamps and candle holders do more than add a beautiful pinkish/amber glowing light to any room in your home. They are also known as natural air purifiers because they emit negative ions, which can combat common allergens like dust and pet dander. This can lead to better sleep, increased energy and reduced stress. Plus, it's really nice to have a night light or mood light that's made from 100% natural mineral salt with absolutely nothing added or taken away!


We include a 100% pure, clean-burning beeswax tea light for your convenience, but you can place any tea light within the lamp. Comes boxed and ready for gifting.


*Candle holder is carved from a single piece of solid, pure Himalayan salt, so it may sweat in very wet/damp/humid indoor conditions. Place a plate underneath the candle holder if placing it on finished surfaces like a wooden mantle, to avoid salt sweating onto the surface.

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