As a nation we're addicted to our anti-bacterial soap, but pumping away on that foamer bottle can be dangerous to our health: surfactant and detergent-laden liquid hand soaps do kill germs, but they also kill the good bacteria that populates our hands, leaving us vulnerable to getting sick more often (ironic isn't it?) not to mention the harsh chemicals added to commercial formulas, which not only strip skin of its natural moisture but also wind up in the water table killing off the natural flora and fauna of our precious waterways.


When you've got to have clean soft hands without the dryness and pollution factor, there is a great alternative: natural liquid hand soap scented with naturally antimicrobial essential oils that smell great (clove and orange). You'll get all the bubbles and cleansing power without the artificial ingredients or synthetic additives that can contribute to dry skin and eczema.


Try it on its own in the kitchen or bathroom, or purchase a lovely value gift set which includes the 15 ml jar of all natural hand butter and the 2 oz travel bottle of all natural hand sanitizing spray, for less than you'd pay for these items individually. It's the ultimate in natural, super-effective hand protection for those hard working hands!

I Want To Hold Your Hand Liquid Hand Soap

  • Clean soft hands, that fresh feeling, holiday baking, shaking hands, clementines in your stocking, holding hands, getting happy, kissing babies, petting zoos, and putting your hands in the air like you just don't care, then you definitely should try I Want To Hold Your Hand Liquid Hand Soap.


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