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Lavender lovers gift basket

I Would Do Anything For Lavender Gift Basket


Lavender is one of our best-selling scents, and its dainty purple flowers are popular the world over for their relaxing, spicy, distinctive scent. Lavender (the dried herb, the essential oil, the floral water) has been used in skin care products as well as household freshening for hundreds of years. If you love lavender, you will definitely want to get your hands on one of these baskets. It contains:


  • 1 decorative bottle of lavender bath salts (3-4 baths)
  • 1 full size lavender soap
  • 1 bag lavender herbal shower steamer minis (3 spa showers)
  • 1 2-oz bottle lavender linen spray
  • 1 large lavender bath bomb or bath fizz
  • 1 lavender pillow sachet 
  • Attractive packaging (arrives fully wrapped)


If you'd like something substituted (or left out), just let us know in the comments section, or send an email to to receive a price quote - we're very flexible. Your customized Lavender Lovers gift basket awaits - whether you choose to keep it for yourself is up to you! 


    Delighting friends, summers in Provence, influencing people, showing love to Mom, rolling around in grassy meadows, value packs, Costco, The Sound of Music, bundling services, pampering yourself, grandma's house, lace doilies, and getting more for don't have to do that, you just have to buy this Lavender gift basket. If it's really only for you, we won't tell!


    I'd Do Anything For Love by Meat Loaf


    Use it up! Handmade doesn't last pamper yourself now, rather than saving your bath and body care products for a special occasion a year from now :)

    Please note that due to ongoing supply chain issues and shortages, minor product substitutions may occur. Your basket will be beautiful and will always contain equal or greater value than the stated products (for example, the clay diffuser with lavender essential oil pictured). Got a problem with that? Email or leave a note in the notes section of your order and let us know - we will ensure you get exactly what is pictured and inform you of any delays!

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