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Oatmeal bath for bug bites

Lav You Forever Oatmeal Bath Tub Tea


Do you love the cottage, hiking or camping, but don't love what comes with it - the poison oak, relentless insects, and sunburned, chafed skin? Sink into a tub with the most soothing ingredients known to man - oatmeal, Epsom salts, baking soda and coconut milk powder. All work to reduce redness, itch and soreness of skin irritations that can arise from the wild life - not to mention rashes and skin problems you may experience anywhere, such as excema and winter skin. A delicate lavender scent makes for a calming and delightful post-hike soak.


Bath tea is a no-mess way to enjoy your favourite bath additives without making oatmeal in the tub or worrying about clogged drains. Simply toss the entire reusable muslin bag or the bath tea bag straight into the tub under warm running water. You'll want to discard the paper tea bag once finished, but you can wash the muslin bag, dry it and reuse for your next soothing bath!


    Ridiculously soft skin, the scent of lavender, white wicker furniture, drinking your morning coffee on a deck, jumping off docks, trapising through uncharted forest, wine spritzers, eating al fresco, and anything made by Aveeno, bring a few sachets of Lav You Forever on your next trip up north.


    Oats, Epsom salts, colloidal oatmeal, baking soda, coconut milk powder, dried lavender buds.

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