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Martini Time Gentle Olive Oil Soap

Martini Time Gentle Olive Oil Soap


Olive oil soap is considered to be the original mass-produced soap, first originating in Castille, Spain, and then rapidly spreading to such commercial brands as Kiss My Face. Whatever brand you choose, have at it - olive oil soap is great for your skin! In our humble opinion, a vegetable-based solution is always going to provide nourishing benefits at least equivalent to, if not exceeding, an animal-based equivalent (such as goat's milk soap) without the guilt.


Our new and improved version has soft lather and a bit of exfoliating from olive leaf powder, as well as a refreshingly. mild herbal scent.


Key soap facts:

-cleanses without stripping

-pH neutral

-no animal oils

-leaves no soapy film behind

-produces luxurious lather


-contains no SLS


    Europe, martinis, ripe olives, appetizers on toothpicks, dipping your toes into the Adriatic, nourishing oils, light salads, sunning yourself, pinching a rosemary sprig between your fingers, sparkling wine, eating al fresco and taking long walks on warm summer nights, you're bound to enjoy Martini Lunch Olive Oil soap, which just puts you right there.


    Saponified oils of olive, coconut, safflower, and certified sustanably farmed palm, vegetable glycerin, water, sorbitol, oat protein, olive leaf powder, essential oil blend.


    It's Martini Time by Reverend Horton Heat

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