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Refreshing natural face care

My Poker Face Refreshing Facial Toner Mist


Problem skin? Maybe not, but everyone needs a pick me up - especially in hot weather, when oil, sweat and dirt can seem to cling to your face. When that happens, don't reach for the alcohol-based toner or yet another go at the face wash; cleanse and tone gently and naturally without irritation or that tight, dry feeling.


Peppermint makes our toning mist cooling and refreshing, while lavender floral water heals and soothes, and just the right amount of witch hazel provides the mildest of astringents. Delicate enough to spray directly on the face (eyes closed, please) as a refreshing mist, or spray onto a cotton pad to use as a toner - they won't be able to read your poker face, but they'll know it's clean, soft and smells fantastic!


Customer comments: "Love the face mist! Love the ingredients! Used it last night after getting home all sweaty and after another shower lol. Then used a bit today and John said I looked very "fresh" after. Just took a pic of the mist and am going to share on Instagram" - Camilla C., East York


"I'm enjoying your toner, the spray is very convenient and I love that smell lavender, is so refreshing!!" - Tomoko M., Toronto


Make it a packaged skin care gift set by adding a large or small mud mask and a gentle facial soap.


    After-sun aloe spray, crunching ice cubes, eating grapefruit in the morning, standing in front of the fan, salt-water skinny dips, cool showers, putting cucumber slices on your eyes, sitting on the balcony after a shower and letting your hair air-dry, try My Poker Face Facial Mist  for a refreshing wake-up for your face.


    Purified water, lavender floral water (hydrosol), peppermint tea, witch hazel, essential oils of lavender and rose hip.


    Shelf life: 3+ months refrigerated, 1+ months at room temperature


    Directions: Store in a cool, dark place or in the referigerator. Spray directly on face or use on a cotton ball as toner.


    Poker Face by Lady Gaga


    Use it up! Handmade doesn't last pamper yourself now, rather than saving your bath and body care products for a special occasion a year from now :)

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