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Foam sea sponge for better bubbles

Ocean Saver Bath Sponge


Do you love the rich, full lather and gentle exfoliation of a sea sponge...but care too much about our oceans to condone using a once-living creature on your skin? This large foam sea sponge has numerous advantages over the natural sea sponge, which is the 'natural is not always better' exception that proves the rule. Paradoxically, a synthetic foam 'sea' sponge offers just as many, if not more, skin care benefits than the real thing:


-Longer lasting and won't break into chunks with vigorous scrubbing

-Natural rope handle to hang sponge to dry

-Resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew

-Same amazing gentle exfoliation and lather boosting qualities without robbing the oceans of sea creatures


Do you want to leave the leave the whole natural sea sponge vs. foam bath sponge debate alone? Opt for a big, fluffy bath pouf instead. Made of recycled plastic, one of these babies will provide stronger scrubbing power and massive lather boosts for months, if not years!


Add to a gift basket to create a one-stop bath experience for your lucky recipient, or just treat yo'self to great lather and a better bath or shower experience.


    Sponge Bob, the cratered surface of the moon, luxe life, spa day trips, elbow grease, bubbles, cucumber slices on the eyes, infused water, reusable canteens, Swiss cheese and canapes, add a little luxury to your cleansing routine with a foam bath sponge or bath pouf.

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