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Lemon eucalyptus room spray

Smells Like Team Spirit Lemon Disinfecting Spray


Have you heard about the evils of plug-in and spray-on air fresheners? They can literally make people with sensitivities sick instantly, but even for those who don't react as strongly, the list of chemicals in these room sprays and candles can be downright scary. Now there's a better solution for your smelly vehicle, yoga mat*, bathroom, litter box or Diaper Genie area, kitchen, gym bag and any other contained area that needs a fragrance boost: natural air freshener that smells like heaven and won't cost the earth. The gorgeous fresh scents of eucalyptus and lemon not only freshen air, the 100% natural mist is fine enough to spray directly onto surfaces, fighting bacteria and the microbes that cause foul odours.


Just shake well before each use and spray liberally into the air and onto surfaces. Though not a linen spray, Smells Like Team Spirit is safe for most fabrics - spot test first!


*Due to the high concentration of essential oils, it's important to dilute the spray before using it on plastics such as yoga mats because excessive use of oils can cause plastics to break down. The safest dilution for yoga mats would be 2 tbsp of spray and 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar per 500ml of water, making this a very long lasting and economical option for cleansing your yoga mat!


    Fresh scents, Sunlight soap, crisp white towels, vibrant sunny days, breathing easier, soccer tryouts, downward-facing dog, Nike shoes, babies but not diapers, polished countertops, freshly cut citrus fruit, and not having your endocrine system disrupted, then you definitely should try Smells Like Team Spirit.


    Distilled water, alcohol, lemon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil.


    Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

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