No bathtub? Showers only? No problem! No tub is required for this delightfully sweet-fragranced sea salt scrub! It smells like the best sugar scrub you've ever used, but because it is made with superfine Himalayan pink salt, it actually works a whole lot better - getting the dead skin and toxins off the surface layer of your skin, without dissolving until the job is done.


A beautiful blend of natural fruit extracts, vanilla and sweet orange essential oil in a base of coconut, jojoba and avocado oils combine to produce an extremely effective, lusciously pampering scrub that makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. Don't forget what this scrub can do for you...


-Remove dry, dead skin and moisturize

-Leave skin more receptive to moisture penetration in the future

-Stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins

-Leave you smelling amazing


This is a limited edition holiday product so get yours today!


*Please note: Natural separation of this product will occur. Simply stir oils back into salts to blend, if desired. Shelf life for full enjoyment of fragrance is approximately 9 months; use within 2 years.

Smooth Operator Velvet Skin Body Polish

  • Unbelievably baby-soft skin, feeling 10 lbs lighter, cranberry sauce, coming home for the holidays, sweet baked goods, feeling sexy, skipping your moisturizer, compliments on your body, hands on your body, waxing, that reborn feeling, and brown sugar, you are probably a Smooth Operator.


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