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Natural mens body wash

When a Man Loves Whomever Spicy Body Wash


This is the all natural body wash that cleanses and deodorizes even sensitive skin without stripping! Finally there's an option besides ordinary liquid castille soap for the natural skin care fan who doesn't want to put chemicals on their skin, but still wants to enjoy rich lather without using a bar soap. When a Man Loves Whomever is made from a natural liquid soap base derived from organic oils, with skin-softening additives like vegetable glycerin, almond oil and a mild fragrance from essential oils including cedarwood, frankincense and fir. The perfect gift for the sensitive man.


    Beach volleyball, looking sharp, business attire, open relationships, Tindr swipes, Grindr swipes, classic rock n roll, aviator glasses, front row seats at the Met, front row seats to a Mets game, pints of artisanal lager, glasses of artisanal Scotch, eating expensive meat, washcloths/loofahs/bath puffs, and hot water beating down on your head, When a Man Loves Whomever may be the body wash for you.


    Liquid castille soap, natural liquid soap base (derived from Certified Organic sunflower and coconut oils and sustainably farmed palm oil) water, lauryl betaine, glycerin, naturally occuring alcohol, palm kernel acid, decyl glucoside, potassium citrate, essential oil blend, carrier oil, sea salt as thickener.


    When A Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge

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