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5 ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa for less than $100

Is your bathroom a place where you want to linger...or do you want to get in and get out as quickly as possible? If you're not a fan of spending time in the tub, it might be because your bathroom needs a serious remodel - maybe it's cramped, the mold has set into the grout so deeply that nothing works, the tiles are chipped, the sink leaks and the toilet is permanently stained. In this case, by all means call a Toronto bathroom contractor and set about designing your dream oasis.

Sometimes, though, there's not that much wrong with your bathroom - or at least, nothing that a few inexpensive fixes won't take care of. Often, because this small room sees so much use, the bathroom feels more like a cluttered closet than a relaxing spa, but that's the easiest fix of all. Here's how to convert your bathroom into a zen oasis without spending more than $100.

Spa bathroom

5 ways to make your bathroom gorgeous on a budget

1. Get rid of the old products and other doo-dads that are cluttering your bathroom. If, like me, you have products everywhere - maybe old makeup on top of the toilet tank, hairbrushes spilling hairs out onto the countertops, countless bottles and jars cramming every shelf - it's time for a reality check: What are you really using on a weekly basis, and what hasn't been used in forever? I mean, if your kids are 10 and 12, are they still using those buckets and duckies?! Throw out whatever old makeup and almost-empty jars of products you can't use within a reasonable span, say, 1 week. To organize what remains, consider a closed-door shelf to hide away larger items and a decorative basket (or several) to neatly house the rest.

Bathroom cupboard
Folded white towels

2. Add plants. They don't have to be cacti, but succulents are small, pretty, and hard to kill unless you water them too much (which you don't have to, because the bathroom steam will do most of the watering for you). Plants add a much-needed touch of green and also grounding of this watery room, for feng shui purposes.

3. Replace old towels with fluffy new ones. Places like Beddingtons have lush bath towels at reasonable prices and you only really need 3 or 4 to create a spa-like ambiance. These look especially good folded and stacked on a shelf or rolled and arranged in a basket. If you don't like displaying your towels because they'll just sit there, consider replacing an item you use more often, like face cloths or hand towels, both of which can look faded or dingy with a great deal of use. All that clean, crisp cotton sure is inviting!

Woven baskets

4. Replace the bath mat with something natural. If you're still using one of those fluffy neon things with a rubber backing, ditch it! They tend to shed in the wash and, while they feel nice at first, the pile quickly flattens and gets damp and unpleasant underfoot. Ikea has beautiful rugs woven from natural recycled cotton fibres (you can also find this type of woven rug at fair trade type stores and ethnic shops) or opt for a really unique, durable, spa-like bamboo mat.

Bamboo bath mat

5. Put some nice bath products in there!!! You sure deserve to be pampered, so go ahead and buy some lovely bath salts, soaps and scrubs and make bath time great again. Buy 2, get 1 for a limited time with code MOREBATHS at checkout!

Sea of Green Lemongrass bath salts

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