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I love bath bombs but...

I remember my first ever bath bomb experience quite well. I'd gone to LUSH and discovered a cute little brightly coloured, divine-smelling ball that you were supposed to put in the tub and watch it...well, explode, basically. The fizzing was supposed to be not only fun, but carry incredibly nourishing ingredients for a delightful bath experience.

Pink bath bombs

Bath bombs, like most bombs, are single use

Let me tell you, after using that first bath bomb, I was NOT disappointed. The smells! The skin softening! The...price?! Listen, I love a good bath bomb as much as anyone, but at up to $8 per bath, I can't afford to use them on a regular basis. Okay, so for a big treat, then; maybe when I'm at a hotel, or for a holiday treat. Over the next two decades, I returned to LUSH and indulged as much as humanly possible. A girl's gotta live!

What's in bath bombs, anyway?

One day after I had just started SaltZ&Co, a friend confessed her desire to get into the bath bomb business. She said she could buy all the supplies from one of my own suppliers. Interested, I went to the website and started checking out what exactly is in bath bombs. I was happy to find that, at least on a handmade level, there's certainly nothing bad in there - but there is a lot of citric acid, corn starch, and baking soda.

As a maker, I was surprised to learn this. I guess I had hoped there was some magic fairy dust in there after all! These ingredients are cheap and, except for the baking soda, don't really confer a lot of benefits, though the cornstarch is softening and good for skin conditions. There's a lot of colour, scent, and filler, which in store-bought bath bombs are usually artificial.

Now I'm totally hooked on bath salts instead. Not just my own...any real bathing salts! Here's why.

5 great reasons why bath salts are better than bath bombs

-They may not explode, but they're still fun to pour and make them dissolve with your toes.

-They can still be coloured and scented, just like a bath bomb

-The salt itself, whether Epsom salts, sea salts or a combination of both like in SaltZ products, has incredible healing benefits that far outweigh anything in a bath bomb

-You can soak in a salts bath for as long as you like without pruning up

-Best of all, salts are SO much more affordable than a bath bomb, weighing in at $1-$3 per decadent bath versus $5-$8.

Oh, I'll still use a bath bomb...if you buy me one. Eventually, I will probably come out with one. Until then, I'm a bathing salts convert all the way!

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