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A visit to the Salt Cave: Just what the Doctor ordered

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

A group deal recently arrived in my inbox offering a discounted trip to a salt cave. I had seen this kind of thing advertised before, but now that I have come to understand the healing power of salt on a whole nother level, I had to do some research to find out what this is really all about!

Salt cave interior

Naturally occurring salt caves do exist, and were probably used by ancient humans for tens of thousands of years. In more recent times, salt therapy took hold in the early 1800s, just out side of Krakow, Poland, where salt brine and mineral salt mud from an ancient salt mine were widely used for the treatment of various ailments. It was the era of health spas (with or without authentic healing waters), which began springing up all over Europe for the benefit of the very wealthy. Soon, baths in salt brine, salt mud, and sulphuric waters became a "thing" - but only if you could afford it.

A century later, a new physician took over the official direction of Polish salt mine and started giving regular treatments for respiratory diseases inside the actual salt chambers, on the theory that breathing the mineral infused air of a salt mine would help people breathe better. Visitors from all over the world flooded in, and a unique program of pulmonary rehabilitation using subterraneotherapy methods was eventually developed - and recognized by the Polish government as a legitimate, effective medical practice.

Here's what the Groupon states:

"Upon first stepping inside Healing Salt Cave, patrons are greeted by the micro-climate of a man made salt cave that immediately starts working on a person's wellbeing. That's because the therapeutic spa's walls are made of blocks of mineral-rich salt and the waterfalls contain a thermal iodine water, allowing patrons to take in a controlled cool-humid climate to help symptoms of chronic respiratory illnesses like asthma, allergies, and bronchitis. And the soothing atmosphere of the salt cave gives way to the relaxing sauna, where you can experience a variety of benefits including relief from arthritic pain, improved circulation, and an overall feeling of wellness."

No wonder they have locations all over Ontario, including one at the fancy Windsor Arms Hotel!!! I really feel the need to visit this place...who's with me?

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