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Should You Bring Crystals Into Your Home?

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

If you're the least bit interested in health and wellness, alternative medicine, organics, natural products, or alternative therapies like acupuncture and reiki, you have probably heard of crystals and what are said to be their healing powers. Healing crystal stones, which are really minerals - albeit usually very pretty minerals like amethyst, black tourmaline and smoky quartz - are cropping up everywhere these days, and advocates say they can do everything from offering spiritual protection and bad-vibe cleansing to improving your love life and making you stop screeching at your children so much. The question is, if you don't know your citrine from your third chakra, should you be bringing crystals into your home and expecting results?

Polished crystal stones

Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

We asked the Internet this question and of course there is tons of anecdotal evidence to suggest that healing crystals really are all that and a bag of kale chips. Unfortunately, there is little scientific evidence to support claims that crystal stones interact with your chakras to improve mental clarity or reduce stress. An article in Time Magazine suggests that what's really at work here is the placebo effect - a 2001 study where people got the same results from clutching real crystals as they did from touching hunks of glass, nevertheless reports that people did experience results. They actually felt better, whether they were gripping fake rocks or the real thing.

Personally I don't really care whether healing crystals are working or whether I just think they are working. As a Christian, I don't put faith in things like this, but crystals are beautiful and natural. I admit to owning several (okay, close to a dozen) crystal stone bracelets made by my son; on the advice of a believer, I once cleansed them by the light of the full moon (this is as weird as this article is going to get). I also visit The Shiny Company whenever I am at the CNE or in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I can't resist buying yet another geode for my son, and I usually pick up a nice piece of something-something for myself under the guise of decorating my fish tank, as if the fish actually care about which rock they are staring at all day. So, why do I love these stones so much?

-They are natural.

-They are beautiful.

-They are inexpensive, unless you go to a gem show and buy one the size of your head.

-They feel good in my hand.

-They are sometimes carved with simple, good words like Love and Healing.

-I can't prove they are not doing something good on an energetic level.

A Quick Guide to Crystal Stone Healing Properties

Are you angry? Spiritually crippled? Physically ill? Unlucky in love? Don't worry, there's a stone for that. This is the kind of thing you could definitely study all day, but if you want the Coles Notes on the top 20 healing stones and what they can do in your life and health, here it is, courtesy of

Amethyst crystal

3 Ways to Enjoy Healing Crystals in Your Home

The beauty of crystal stones is they come in a rainbow of colours, sizes and shapes, so there is a lot you can do with them. Here are three suggested ways to use crystal stones:

1. In your home - Because you can purchase a fairly large chunk of certain crystals for a very affordable price, they can add a beautiful decorative touch and become a conversation piece, while you secretly know they are actually doing something. Place a large chunk of rose quartz in the bedroom as a heart opener, keep citrine on your desk where you make your money, put a sparkling amethyst geode near where you meditate or pray.

2. On your body - Crystal stone jewellery is easy to wear. The stones are usually fashioned into round beads in varying grades of quality, strung onto bracelets or necklaces, or made into larger pendants that are unique, colourful and striking. Protective stones include turquoise and tourmaline, while garnet and topaz are said to boost creativity.

3. In your tub. That's right people: salt is a crystal. Did I just blow your mind? Mineral salts for baths, whether you add essential oils and fragrances or keep them naked, are healing inside and out, providing deep relaxation of tense muscles and conditioning the skin - not to mention providing the psychological feeling of having done something really nice for yourself that you just don't get from eating a chocolate bar. I can't say enough about using salt in the tub to transform an ordinary bath into something really luxurious.

Himalayan pink salt for baths

We even have a gorgeous Get Well gift basket that contains a crystal stone - selenite, for good vibes. We source these crystals from Happy Soul right here in Toronto. It's also really popular as a Consolation, Healing or Grief/Bereavement gift because of the self-care elements in the basket like bath salts and essential oil for soothing aromatherapy.

Have you used crystal stones and if so, are you a believer? Comment below!

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