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Foot Care Basics: Caring for Tired Tootsies

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

I was once stuck in an elevator at work with 11 other people for 55 minutes.

Apart from being really, really hot, really frustrated because I was supposed to be in the classroom, and kind of annoyed at how unattractive I looked in the Instagram pics and videos the students insisted on taking of our predicament, the main thing going through my mind was.... how much I wanted to sit down!

If anyone has ever wondered how cashiers, professional dancers and people who spend the entire day on their feet do it, you know what I'm talking about: after a relatively short while, your feet get pretty tired. Kind of like spending the day at Wonderland or anywhere else that alternates walking several kilometres at a time with standing in line much longer than you'd like to. Even in good shoes, feet can feel hot and sore, and calves or lower legs numb, after prolonged periods of standing and walking.

What is the solution? Soaking your feet may strike you as something that happens more in rest homes than it does in your home, but it doesn't have to be that way. Even if you don't have a fancy foot spa, soaking your feet in a tub of warm water feels pretty good after a long day; the good news is, it's easy to take that up a notch, with awesome, easy DIY foot soak ingredients for the best foot bath ever.

Foot massage

Why Soak Your Feet?

There are so many great reasons! If you have ever heard of the ancient art of reflexology, you'll know that some cultures believe the feet hold the key to the rest of the body - that literally every major organ and body system has its mirror in the feet. Is this really true? Well, there is a reason why pregnant women are cautioned not to get foot massages in the third trimester, lest it bring on early labour!

Even if you don't believe that stimulating the feet can influence the rest of the body, it's undeniable that taking care of your feet feels great - and, just like when you go for a pedi, it all begins with a foot soak. Here's why:

-Muscle relaxation

-Pain relief

-Skin softening

-Cleansing and removing bacteria

-Reduction of swelling and edema

-Softening of calluses for removal

-Diabetic care for extremities

How to Soak Your Feet This isn't the Wild West, we have options besides plain hot water! Here's what you can put inside your pan, bowl, foot spa or foot-bath. Just remember to have everything you need, along with a nice fluffy towel, on hand so you don't have to leave wet tracks across the floor to get these items. That way, you can just sit there soaking for as long as you like while enjoying your favourite media without interruption.

Here's what to soak your feet with:

Epsom Salts: This lovely mineral salt helps flush toxins out and is great for swelling because it increases blood flow while relieving joint and muscle pain. Don't forget that Epsom salt is an enzyme as well as a mineral and your body needs it to regulate over 300 body processes, so soaking your feet is as good a way as any to get your daily dose of magnesium.

Sea Salts: The ultimate cleanser, sea salt deep cleans, reduces foot odour, and is incredibly healing for the skin and nails - so if you have nail fungus, abrasions, or ingrown nails, you'll want to reach for the healing sea salt here.

Essential Oils: Just a few drops of essential oil added to your foot bath can make all the difference! Try these common oils, which you can find at the health store:

-Peppermint: Tingly and cooling, controls foot odour effectively

-Tea tree: Great for wound healing and foot fungus

-Wintergreen: Reduces swelling and pain

-Cedarwood: Helpful antiseptic for Athlete's Foot

After You Soak Your Feet Okay, you've soaked for 15 minutes and your whole body feels better (yes, a foot soak will do that). Now what? Before you dry your feet and reach for the polish, now is the time to decide whether you'll shave off calluses with a blade or use a foot file or pumice stone to remove rough spots.

Whether you opt for this step or not, don't just walk away at this point. Feet do need more moisture than we tend to give them - and overnight is a great time to get it. I like to slather on some Mint Condition Melting Peppermint Foot Butter and put on a pair of old socks, then head to bed to let the butter work its magic overnight. This is a great way to give yourself a much needed foot massage, as well.

We've Got You Covered Head to Toe

If you just want an absolute no-brainer, buy a value bag of These Feet Were Made for Soaking. Our 100% natural foot salt is perennially popular with people of all ages, even kids whose feet are literally smoother than my face (they don't need it, but they love to feel like they are in the spa). Our foot soak is a blend of high quality sea salts and Himalayan pink salt that is slow to dissolve, meaning it feels great under your feet and slowly releases over 80 minerals into your foot bath. The special blend of potent essential oils cools your feet and legs to put that pep back in your step! It also looks pretty, which makes it great for gifting. And you only need a couple of tablespoons in your foot bath to get the benefits.

Peppermint foot soak by SaltZ&Co

Don't wait to be stuck in an elevator to remember your feet! Enjoy a nice soak after work or on the weekend. And, Happy Thanksgiving from SaltZ&Co!

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