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Our Father's Day Celebration Toronto 2019

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

DADS! This day is for you. It's not as glam as Mother's Day, but for Dads who stay, who work and support the family, who play with and teach and spoil their kids, it definitely should be. Dadding ain't easy and it's important to acknowledge that.

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Unfortunately there is a weird tradition that men are supposed to have a BBQ on their own special day, and cook for the family?? How does that compare with Moms getting to stay in bed late on Mother's Day? Not cool. Especially with Toronto weather calling for showers on Father's Day :(

That's okay, we got you. If you want to treat Dad in a really special way this Father's Day, there's a lot going on! My beautiful friend Sydnia (writer, photographer and awesome SaltZ&Co advocate), told me that Black Creek Pioneer Village is doing a war reenactment, Creemore has a lumberjack festival, and there is a car show in Yorkville, not to mention the RAM rodeo! She is a hardcore event planner!

I like to let my fingers do the walking, so I found this amazing article about the best things to do for Father's Day 2019 in and around the GTA. Some of those events are mentioned, but the only things I already knew about on this list were Taste of Little Italy and, of course, the Dragon Boat Festival on the Toronto Island - which I will NOT be doing this year ;) The poutine festival sounds out of this world! This is why I love Toronto, there is always so much to do!

Dragon Boat Festival Toronto Islands
Toronto Dragon Boat Festival - great fun but tough on vendors

If you'd rather hunker down and have a nice meal without Dad having to bust out the grilling tools, there are some wonderful restaurants doing special Father's Day meals. The Old Mill Sunday Brunch is all booked up, but a quick OpenTable search should yield some good results for all kinds of fare for any and every Dad!

Finally, if you'd like to pamper Dad with a gift basket filled with soaps, bath salts, organic shower gel or rich creams, we can do one up to fit your needs and budget. If you're in the GTA, order till 8 pm tonight (Thursday June 13) for Sunday delivery! AND...Our prices include HST, plus save 10% off gift baskets with code WOW at checkout, or simply reply to this message with your specs to get 10% off any custom gift. Baskets start at just $45.

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-xo Nicole

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