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Three Do's of Gift Giving

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I'm always blown away by the sheer generosity of everyday people. Despite financial struggles and personal issues, it seems like more and more people are finding the time to send really thoughtful gifts to friends, families, and colleagues for occasions ranging from birthdays to grieving. I personally prefer giving presents to receiving them, so seeing the gift-giving kindness in my shop renews my faith in humanity every day.

This GIF sums up the two main emotions we see on the notes accompanying the gift baskets we create for you.

Before you give someone a gift, there are three essentials of gift giving etiquette that you should know about.

Gift Giving Rule #1: Make it Personal

Choosing the perfect gift for someone can be hard if you don't exactly know what they like. Say they mentored you at work and your relationship was mostly professional. Now you want to thank them for showing you the ins and outs of PivotTables/curing charcuterie/making a fortune on YouTube, but you don't really know what they're into.

Did you know that even the most generic-seeming gift - like a gift card to a local restaurant - can be made personal, simply by the words you choose in the accompanying card? After all, it's your intent, your thanks, your sharing of the impact that person had on you, that matters. That will stick with them long after the pho is gone.

Here are some wonderful, real-life personal gift messages we have written up recently for customers like you:

"I really appreciate all your support and encouragement...You do so much for me and the team, don't forget the take some YOU time as well!" - Thornhill, ON

"This is a reminder to pause, and breathe because you need a spiritual base of renewal—a day when you do absolutely nothing. Because you do a whole lot and then some!" - Toronto, ON

"You are doing a great job! Try not to stress yourself out and just remember that things will just get better!" - Aurora, ON

"May Jehovah keep taking care of you guys." - Los Angeles, CA

Your message doesn't have to be long or flowery to get the point across. You can also zhuzh up any gift with beautiful wrapping and presentation to show that you put thought and effort into it.

Gift Giving Rule #2: Consider Special Consumable Gifts

What to give the person who has it all? I recently contemplated this when visiting my beautiful friend Suzanne, whose home contains the most fascinating (and valuable) collection of lovely things I have ever seen under one roof. I was like, hmm, candle? No, she probably has 100 of them. Of course, she actually needed candles (it figures) but in cases where someone seems to already have everything - or is actively trying to downsize their stuff - you can't go wrong with consumables.

The idea is that even the most well-off person may not splurge on themselves when it comes to things they use on a regular basis. This is where you step in with the really pricey bottle of wine they would not normally uncork...the cool activity or event they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves (think theatre or concert tickets once things open up)...the extra nice bath stuff they might not otherwise try. Of course everyone wants to give a gift the recipient will actually use, but the bonus with things they'll use up is that your giftee can enjoy the experience without having to make permanent room for something in their home.

Gift Giving Rule #3: Better Late Than Never

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that sometimes patience is required when shopping online because things could take a little longer to be delivered. But even if there's no way on earth your present could arrive on time - i.e. you literally ordered it the day before their birthday for shipping to a remote city - you are better off still giving a gift than just saying forget it. After all, no matter how great the actual day was, who doesn't like extending the festivities by opening something special the day (or week) after?

One way to acknowledge the special occasion even if you don't have the gift in hand yet, is to print out a colour picture of the gift you chose and paste it in a card or even wrap it in a box. That way, your special someone will have something to unwrap and something to look forward to.

It's Time to Give a Gift, Toronto

Have we got something for you! You read this far, so you deserve some kind of insider perk.

Perfect teacher gift
This teacher gift lets teachers wash the school year right off

This year the teachers are likely getting short shrift when it comes to year-end gifts, even if the kids do go back for the remaining 5 minutes of the semester. So many working moms I know are struggling with the frequent interruptions and challenges of working from home when school moved online, that it feels like there's a shroud of dissatisfaction over the whole experience. Plus, there's the out of sight, out of mind factor because we don't really see our kids' teachers anymore.

The fact is that if Cardi B can't retain my children's attention for longer than a 15 second TikTok, it's probably pretty hard for Mrs. Apple to pivot her entire lesson plan online and then make geometry interesting for 90 minutes at a time. I feel for teachers big time in all this and think they deserve something really special so...

We are offering the teacher gift above for only $31! Yes, mini sparkling wine, scrubby lemongrass soap, big a** bath bomb & large washcloth suitable for covering one's entire face while relaxing in the tub, the better to block out the persistent begging for more Robux. It's just what the doctor ordered to make reality go away for a bit and emerge thoroughly cleansed, wonderfully scented and slightly tipsy.

Looking to go big on a teacher gift?

Or practical?

Or cute?

Quantities of our champagne teacher gift will not last, but you can get yours before they go public. Just email and leave your quantity, shipping address, and any other details (like "my son's teacher is a shower lover who doesn't drink, can you work around this?" - the answer is yes). We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you for giving. May your blessings truly return to you tenfold.

xo Nicole

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