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What's pink and 200 million years old?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

No, it's not the candies Aunt Grace keeps in a crystal bowl, though they may come close: we're talking Himalayan pink salt here! Yes, it's a thing, and not only in the culinary world. Himalayan pink salt has therapeutic and beauty applications that put it ahead of other types of salts in terms of potency and effectiveness.

Himalayan pink salt

What is Himalayan pink salt?

Himalayan pink salt was formed naturally in ancient, now-dry seas over millions of years, meaning that its 84 minerals exist in an ionic form which is molecular rather than colloidal like regular sea salt.

Skin-loving benefits of Himalayan pink salt

In layman's terms, that means Himalayan pink salt is...

  • Easier to absorb through the skin than other sea salts

  • Hydrates body tissues rather than dehydrating them

  • Stimulates red blood cells, which form our oxygen transport system

  • Contributes needed minerals and enzymes that help to maintain electrolyte balance

  • Although absorbed through the skin, like all sea salts used externally, it does not contribute to high blood pressure like ingesting table salt does

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria and toxins from your body

  • Provides relaxation and relief, especially for people with chronic auto-immune and inflammation-related conditions like fibromyalgia, asthma, chronic lung problems, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis

  • Helps heal and rejuvenate the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin, rashes, or wounds.

Personally I noticed the little bumps on my 4 year old's legs (she has very sensitive skin, always itchy no matter what products I use on her) disappeared after 2 baths that contained a small amount of Himalayan pink salt mixed with other salts.

Which Saltzbaths products contain Himalayan pink salt?

You can find Himalayan pink salt blended with relaxing essential oils in our premium bath salts line in a range of sizes, including the ever-popular 2 lb value bag that is priced ridiculously low for this precious, large-flake pink gold. I believe this salt healed my daughter's itchy leggies! We've also put a large concentration of HPS into These Feet Were Made for Soaking because let's face it, swollen, tired feet need the most help - and because the large grains dissolve so slowly, they massage tired soles for as long as you soak.

Salt is such a wonderful substance, whether you find it in the sea or, as in the case of Himalayan pink salt, on the tallest mountains on Earth. If you still can't shed the idea that salt is bad because of all the health warnings about ingesting too much sodium, Himalayan pink salt will hopefully be the pure mineral salt that changes your mind!

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