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Tips and Tricks for Fall Bathroom Decor

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The bathroom is an easy room to overlook when it comes to decorating. But let's face it: with your wonderful new Fall-inspired bath products from SaltZ&Co, you are going to be spending a lot more time in there. Every change of season is a great time to refresh the bathroom with a nod to the colours and textures of the season...or transform it altogether into an oasis you'll want to spend more time in. The bathroom is to update because it's generally small, so you can simply swap out a few accessories rather than undertaking an expensive remodel.

5 Tips for Easy Fall Bathroom Decorating

One of the nicest things about Fall is the colour palette. As the leaves turn glorious shades of gold, red and orange, why not bring that into the bathroom? You don't have to go all Day-Glo; subtle touches make for a very classy, warm and inviting space to take the hot showers cooler temperatures demand. Feng shui lovers take note: bathrooms do better with earth tones because they are grounding, and bring the needed element of earth into a space so often dominated by water. So you might want to keep some of those rich brown and gold hues in place year-round.

1. Keep it understated. Here, subtle Autumn elegance is revealed in touches that spruce up the vanity. Don't use a carving pumpkin here; the little decorative gourds sold at grocery stores, or the artificial floral picks sold at craft stores, add a lot of pop while saving your counter space.

Bathroom vanity decorated for Fall

2. Keep it real. Want to use real Fall leaves that you've collected with family, to make a stunning backdrop? This display (or a smaller version thereof) would look great in a bathroom - just be sure to keep it away from splashing water, so choose a wall that isn't close to the shower.

3. Light it up. The bathroom is a perfect place for candles, and earthy tones like the soft gold of natural beeswax look absolutely fabulous here, whether you light them and step into a healing bath or simply display candles of different sizes and tones.

4. Go spooky! Halloween comes but once a year, but this adorable Halloween-themed set from eBay, which includes the shower curtain and bath mat, will keep the scaries alive and well for as long as you choose to display it. Which for me would probably be until Christmas, because it's cute as heck!

5. Pretty soaps. You can leave a display of different types of giftable soaps in a basket above the toilet tank, place a cluster on the vanity, or open them up for guests to use (and smell!).

Have you made any changes to the bathroom to help usher in a new season? Let us know your favourite Fall/Halloween bathroom decor items and help make bath time great again!

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