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Top 10 Things People Do In The Tub

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

At SaltZ&Co, we firmly believe that bathtime should be great - after all, if you're going to do something, you might as well do it right...and enjoy it! But we often encounter people who say they don't like their bathtubs. As I tearfully ask "BUT WHY???" these are the most common reasons given:

  • No time

  • Too tall to fit comfortably in the tub

  • Too bored in there

Unhappy baby in bathtub

Okay, I hear you. I don't have time for a long soak but once a week either. I also never go to the gym, but that's a whole nother story for another blog :) And at 5'10", I know what it's like to be too tall for the tub (it doesn't really bother me, but I get it). But...too bored? Feel awkward just sitting around in hot water like a soup bone waiting to be stewed? We got you. Read on to find out what other people are doing in the tub - and ask yourself if it would be worth climbing in there for.

10 Things to do In the Bathtub For Fun

To compile our list, we had a little peek around the internet and asked random friends what they do while soaking. We also visited InStyle UK to find out what Brits do in the tub because they're so cool that they should definitely know what to do in the tub so as to avoid boredom! Here's the top 10 bathtub activities coming at you.

1. Sex. Whoa, talk about making bath time great again! As a bathtub purist I'm not too sure about this one, but Cosmo (who else) has some very interesting bathtub sex positions to try - Sea Horse, anyone? - that will even work for people with small bathtubs. If all else fails, one isn't the loneliest number in the bathtub ;)

Man sensual bubble bath

2. Listening to music. Floating away on waves of your favourite tunes can really make bath time enjoyable, but if you are a fan of crunk, for example, listening can achieve the opposite effect from the relaxing bath you'd like to enjoy. You'll want to opt for slower, more spa-like music instead - try something instrumental, or Enya.

3. Watch TV. That's something nobody has time for anymore either, but with the beauty of streaming, you no longer need a fancy wall-mounted screen in the bathroom, nor do you have to time your bath perfectly to line up with your favourite soaps: just put your laptop or tablet on the toilet seat and prepare to be fully entertained while you soak.

4. Meditate. The more highbrow among us seem to love to meditate while in the tub. It makes sense - you're already relaxed, so why not take it up a notch with deep breathing or guided visualizations, emerging with a clean body and a clean mind?

5. Drink. Well, we're not saying overdo it - there can be health risks associated with excess drinking in hot water, from dehydration to blood pressure risks and even unconsciousness/drowning - but a glass of wine by the tub should be safe for most people, and can constitute the ultimate romantic or self-care treat.

Vintage lady reading in tub

6. Read. If you don't mind your books and magazines getting a little damp, the tub can be a great place to get caught up on your reading! Personally I recommend only reading for pleasure in the tub. That's why we include an entertaining novel in every single Girls Just Wanna Night In self-care gift basket. The last thing I want to do is scrub my toes and read about 30 ways to crush it online...I'll save that for my morning coffee thank you very much :)

7. Light some candles. Who doesn't love a beautifully lit candle? Now, what do you do with it? Stare into the flames, contemplate the pools of light, contemplate the mysteries of the universe, contemplate your split ends. Which leads us to #8:

8. Deep condition your hair. Putting a thick, rich homemade deep conditioning treatment on wet hair and then pinning it up allows enough time for the treatment to really do its work, instead of rushing through a quickie bottled conditioner during your morning shower.

9. Masks and other treatments. Hot steam opens pores, which makes bathtime the perfect, no-mess place to apply your facial mud mask, body scrubs and other treatments slowly and mindfully - and let them really sink in before rinsing off right there in the tub.

Body scrub

10. Tune out and think your own thoughts. I will never forget when I was pregnant and a mom of a toddler warned me that I would no longer have time to 'think my own thoughts'. I didn't really understand her, but two kids later, I do - that precious time to just let your mind drift, think, reminisce, dream and plan, becomes so precious and rare. Treat yourself to time to just be you - there's no better gift!

What do YOU do in the tub? Please share!

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