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6 Reasons to Try Somewhere Beyond the Sea Bath Salts for Your Next Bath

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Not sure about you but even though I do love a crisp, cold day, preferably with snow on the ground and fat white flakes falling from the sky...I get a little upset when it's -19 or so and the skin around my mouth instantly tightens and dries out the moment I step outside. It's times like that - can't even post a pic to Instagram without hands freezing to the point of soreness after 30 seconds without mitts - that I wish I were lying on the firm white sand of a tropical beach, roasting in the hot sun while someone hands me an umbrella drink. If you've ever had a beach vacation or dreamed of one, you probably feel the same.

Relaxing on the beach

Unfortunately beach vacations can run thousands of dollars, which not many of us have, especially right around the holidays! That's why it's so important to schedule some little escapes right on home soil. I can't lie on a giant pool donut bobbing gently on the ocean and dipping my fingers into sparkling blue water right now...but I can lie in the quiet privacy of my own bathtub, warm and steamy, breathing in the tropical scent of exotic flowers with colourful names while I soak in salty skin-softening bliss.

Here's why you need hot salt baths. Now.

There are lots of benefits of bath salts for baths - no matter what kind of salt you use. Here's why we think SaltZ&Co Toronto bath salts - and in particular, Somewhere Beyond the Sea Exotic Floral Scented Bath Salts - are the ish this winter.

1. They have a shell on top. Seriously, a real sea shell sitting atop what looks like white beach sand...what more do you need to be transported to la-la land?

2. They contain bergamot essential oil. Bergamot essential oil is highly recommended for weight loss as it stimulates the metabolism and regulates hormones and insulin levels (among many other benefits of this incredible citrus oil). If a hot bath can help me keep my New Year's weight loss resolutions, count me in.

3. Coconut milk powder has been added. If you ever heard of ancient queens bathing in milk (like Cleopatra and her famous donkey milk baths) you know that milk is a great bath additive...but apart from the use of beeswax, SaltZ&Co only makes vegan products. So we like to use powdered coconut milk, which provides serious skin-softening the likes of which you don't have to be royalty to enjoy.

4. They contain Epsom salts, which relax tense muscles and promote sleep. Don't believe us? Try one of our baths close to bedtime (heck, anytime after dinner) and see the difference in your sleep.

Seaside bath salts

5. Their sea salts condition skin, just like the ocean does. It's fine if you can't swim in the ocean, which carries its own risks (they don't string those buoys along the shore in high tide for nothing). Adding sea salts to your tub produces the same wound-healing, skin-balancing effects as the real thing, without the algae blooms, pollution and sharks.

6. They smell like a day at the beach. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses and is linked to memory, emotion and attraction. Pleasant aromas can lift the mood and create a transformative experience. Treating yourself to a hot bath with gorgeously scented bath salts may do more for you - and by extension, those around you - than you think!

If you're looking for the best bath & body products in Toronto, made with overwhelmingly natural ingredients and gentle healing formulas, try your jar of Somewhere Beyond the SeaExotic Floral Scented Bath Salts and save $5 off with coupon UPGRADE.

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